Texas Filmmaker's Showcase

THANK YOU to all the Texas filmmakers who entered the 2016 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase! We're compiling the record number of entries for the judging period of April 20th - May 25th with the selected films to be announced by Friday May 27th. The premiere of the 2016 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase is scheduled for Sunday, June 26th in Los Angeles at the DGA Theatre!
 Houston Film Commission's
Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2015

Carne Seca (11:11min.) - Jazmin Diaz, Austin TX
Brothers David and Oscar Juarez have until sunset in rural Mexico to turn a profit on their father’s business, or face the consequences of his belligerence.
Leaves On Trees (16:27min.) - Nathan S. Duncan, Austin TX
A 9-year-old, Ira Harris, navigates a new neighborhood, new peers, and his first set of prescription glasses.
Life After Manson (25:23min.) - Olivia Klaus, Austin TX 
Life After Manson is an intimate portrait of one of the world’s most infamous crimes and notorious killers. At 21-years-old, Patricia Krenwinkel murdered at the command of Charles Manson. Now 68-years-old, she continues to be demonized by the public and haunted by the suffering she caused over four decades ago.
Make It Rain (12:45min.) - Chris Spisak, Houston TX
A young boy's efforts to help his family overcome the effects of a devastating drought result in a magical night he won't soon forget.
Melville (15:37min.) - James M. Johnston, Fort Worth TX
Marcus is dealing with some shit. He wonders through his day distracted and quiet, acting out at strangers, withdrawn from his wife, and unable to sleep. Whatever it is, he just can't talk about it. Then he runs into an old friend who reminds him of the days when he never had a problem expressing anything.
One Hitta Quitta (8:12min.) - Ya'Ke Smith, Arlington TX
A teenage boy's addiction to Internet violence, leads him to act out violently himself.
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QWhat is the Showcase?

AThe Texas Filmmaker's Showcase is a special screening event consisting of the best of Texas short films and videos under 40 minutes in length, presented to industry professionals in the Hollywood film community.

The filmmakers whose projects are selected to participate will be flown from Texas to Los Angeles and provided with one evenings accommodation and transportation to and from the screening.

The screening is accompanied by a reception where filmmakers and industry professionals can visit with each other to discuss filmmaking , financing, distribution and other aspects of the movie business.

QWhen and Where is it?

AThe premiere screening of the 2016 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase will be held in Los Angeles in summer 2016. Additional public screenings of the Showcase will be held around Texas throughout the rest of the year.

Who are the filmmakers?

aThe submitted projects must have been produced in Texas or by a current Texas resident as a creative short (non-commissioned, non-commercial); The project must be 40 minutes or less in length; the project must have been completed within three years before the entry deadline of April 1, 2016; the project can not have been submitted in a previous year; three projects per filmmaker, per year can be submitted. No Entry Fee!


Who are the judges?

aThe selection committee is a cross section of film industry professionals from outside the state of Texas. The judges will view and score the projects and as many of the top scoring projects that can fit into 90 minutes will become the Showcase for this year. The number of projects that can fit into 90 minutes usually ranges from 5 to 10 projects, depending on running time of the films.


Why do we do this?

aBy presenting this showcase, the Houston Film Commission continues the commitment to the local and state film industry, while giving talented and enthusiastic Texas filmmakers the opportunity of a lifetime.


How do we do this?

aThe Showcase is presented by the Houston Film Commission with the generous support of additional sponsors. All of our sponsors are supportors of burgeoning independent filmmaking in Texas.


What films were in past Showcases?

aPlease visit our online archive for information about films from previous years: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

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  • Texas Film Commission
    The Texas Film Commission (TFC) was created in 1971 by Texas Governor Preston Smith to "encourage the orderly development of the film, television, and multi-media production industry in Texas in order to utilize the state's vast array of natural, human, and economic resources which are uniquely suitable for that industry." Since then, the TFC has expanded to included the film, television, commercial, video game, and animation industries.

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    For additional information about the Texas Filmmaker's Showcase call 713-437-5249.
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