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Updated July 13, 2018

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Crew Calls

Casting Calls


CREW CALL: Untitled Houston feature film is seeking crew who can work as locals for July shoot. Synopsis: A troubled teen finds an unexpected friend in an elderly neighbor. Crew Needed: Camera Assistants, Grips, Electrics, and Production Assistants in all departments. Crew positions are Paid. Please send crew resume

CREW CALL: Producer Cemil Turam is seeking crew for One Vote At A Time videos scheduled to shoot in Houston 7/14-16, Dallas 7/18-21, Austin 7/23-24. Crew Needed: Female Sound Mixer, Production Assistants. Crew Positions are Paid. Please send inquiries and resumes to

CREW CALL: Relentless Entertainment is seeking crew for independent feature film “The Author Of My Momma's Tears” written by Keith Babin scheduled to shoot in Houston beginning July 27th. Synopsis: The story takes place on the streets of South Park in Houston in the early 90s, the height of the crack epidemic. Keith Babin and his Crew went from from street level hustlers to holding certain parts of the community under siege much like terrorists occupying a small defenseless third world country. Crew Needed: Wardrobe Stylist, Hair & Make Up. Crew positions are Paid. Please send inquiries and/or resumes to

CREW CALL: Sophic Films is seeking crew for independent short film PET PEEVES scheduled to shoot July 25th in Pearland TX. Synopsis: James and Jennifer are on their first date at an Italian Restaurant and hoping to find love, but first they find out all the pet peeves of the other. Crew Needed: Assistant Director, Grips, Production Assistants, Script Supervisor, Audio/Boom Operator, BTS Camera Operator, Hair and Makeup. No equipment needed except for Hair and Makeup. Hair and Makeup Artists will receive a kit fee, all other crew will receive a nominal flat fee. Craft Services will be provided. Please submit crew resume/reel to

CREW CALL: LHC Productions is seeking Crew for short film SKY scheduled to shoot September 30 thru October 5th in the greater Houston area. Synopsis: A withdrawn teen (Ben) plays piano to escape the tangles of his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but when that passion is also ruined by obsession, he must open up to a friend (Sky) about his burdens. Crew Needed: Gaffer, Sound Recordist, and Stunt Coordinator. Crew positions are Paid. Please send inquiries and resume/reels to

CREW CALL: America, Let's Talk LLC is seeking a Cameraperson for it’s ongoing, on-location talk show in Houston that focuses on the community's mental, physical and financial health. Crew position is Paid. For more information please email or visit

CREW CALL: Independent production VINEYARD TELEVISION Channel 15.8 is seeking crew to shoot a half hour spec TV show titled “My Community” (an Afrocentric perspective) in the Houston area in July. CREW NEEDED: Experienced Anchor, Social Media Marketer, Editor, Production Assistant/Interns. All positions are Nonpaid. Please email inquiries and resume to

CREW CALL: Independent short film RUBY AND RAY is seeking crew for a July 20th-22nd shoot in Houston/Huntsville areas. Synopsis: In Birmingham, Alabama 1961 a teenage interracial couple strive to gain perspective in a relationship under the pressure of society, expectations and advantages. Crew Needed: Director of Photography, Audio, Hair and Makeup, Grip, Production Assistant. When applying for crew positions, please submit reel link. Positions are Unpaid.

CREW CALL: Brewster Productions is seeking crew for a July 7th filming of a monthly spec TV talk show: The Houston View.  Synopsis: THE HOUSTON VIEW addresses community concerns and attempts to educate. This issue will continue our discussion on how Bullying impacts families. Shooting will take place on July 7th at Houston Media Source and will air on Houston Media Source TV at a later date.  CREW NEEDED: camera assistants, sound recorder, grips, production assistants, set designer, writers, producers, No equipment needed. Crew positions are Unpaid. Please send resume/reel link to K. Brewster at

 CASTING CALL: Sprinkler Warehouse is seeking an on-camera Spokesperson, Male 25yo-45yo, for ongoing role of irrigation specialist. Shooting will happen one day every other week, sometimes once a week, in Houston. Teleprompter reads. Role is Paid. Please send headshot/resume/reel to

CASTING CALL: Looking Window Pictures is seeking cast for SAG short film “Only the Vigilant” tentatively scheduled to shoot on July 20th in the Houston area. CAST NEEDED: Female - 60’s able to play the part of an 80 year old and able to lay down on a floor and get back up with little to no assistance or injury to self as a result thereof. Female - 50’s to 60’s abe to play the part of a 60-70 year old. Male - 40’s to 50’s, 6 foot plus, strong build, and intimidating in stature. Male - 20’s, gangly, and able to give off that Clerks’ Randall/Napoleon Dynamite attitude. Female - 20’s to 30’s, with a prissy, fashionable air of presence. Experienced actors only. Roles are Paid. Please send headshot/resume to

CASTING CALL: Underground South Connection is seeking cast for indie hip hop musical feature film KNUCKLES scheduled to shoot July 14th & 15th, July 18th, July 24, July 30th & 31st in the Houston area. Synopsis: A street fighter (Knuckles) wants to end his career in underground street fighting to pursue his dream in music. Cast Needed: Extras, all races Men and Women ages 18-60. Extra roles are Unpaid. Please send a headshot/resume to

CASTING CALL: Rose Red Door Films and Broken Doll Pictures is seeking cast for student film “Wreck and Bokken” scheduled to shoot July 17th-19th in Huntsville, TX. Synopsis: ”Wreck and Bokken" follows the story of an artist's birthday as he travels to see his father and struggles with the idea of growing up and giving up. CAST NEEDED: FATHER - Male, white, 40s; DRIVER - Male or Female, any race, 20s, needs to be kinda goofy and chill. PASSERBY - Male or Female, any race, 20s, needs to be chill and hip. Roles are Unpaid. Actor headshot/resume submissions due by June 24th, please send to

CASTING CALL: Independent short film RUBY AND RAY is seeking cast for a July 20th-22nd shoot in Houston/Huntsville areas. Synopsis: In Birmingham, Alabama 1961 a teenage interracial couple strive to gain perspective in a relationship under the pressure of society, expectations and advantages. Must be comfortable with exploring the themes of race and privilege.  Cast Needed: Ruby- 18-28 (African American)- High school senior who is very studious and driven towards her goals. Brave and knows exactly what she wants. Ray- 18-28 (Caucasian) A very popular and likable guy. A high school football player admired by his peers (think of Troy Bolton from High School Musical). Jo-Ann- 30-50 (Caucasian) Stereotypical sweet southern woman with an underlying racial bias. Guy- 18 (Caucasian)- Alpha Male. Total Jerk. Bully. Police Officers 1 & 2 ages 20 and up (Caucasian) respond to Jo-Ann’s call for “help”. Extras- All ages, caucasian- Occupy the cafe in which ruby and ray confer. Give judgmental looks. Roles are Unpaid. Please submit headshot/resume/reel to

CASTING CALL: Left Eye Dominant Productions is seeking cast for upcoming web series pilot, THE COTTAGES, to be shot in Houston/Corpus Christi July 28th & 29th. The Cottages is centered on an eclectic mix of urbanites who win the prize to live in a new community for free if they agree to take part in marketing and advertising campaigns. CAST NEEDED: EMILY LUNDE - Female love interest, 20’s-30’s, artsy, confident, smart, Dale’s ex. JENNY STONE - Female Protagonist, 20’s-30’s, a woman with a dark past, sad but puts on a great poker face, sympathetic, OCD and cuts herself. VICKY BARNES - Female Antagonist, 20’s-30’s, cold, formal, married to Mitch. DALE BOATWRIGHT - Male Protagonist, 20’s-30’s, good-looking, scruffy, cocky, funny, questions everything, Emily’s ex. MITCH BARNES - 20’s-30’s, rough street fighter, aggressive. CARL LONGORIA - 30’s-50’s, weathered, ex Navy, controlling and suspicious, is falling apart at the seams but hides it well. CHEEVE NINE - 30’s-40’s, homeless dock worker, cannot remember things clearly. CHRIS DEVINE - 30’s, detective, laid back but cunning, cocky, funny. Roles are Paid. Please submit headhot/resume/links to

CASTING CALL:  Bella Morena, LLC is seeking Cast for web series “Phocurry and Apologies” schedule to shoot Saturdays or Sundays in August, 9:00A - 2:00P in the greater Houston area. “Phocurry and Apologies” is a web series comprised of vignettes with scripted conversations between couples, or friends.  Each vignette features different characters discussing a variety of subjects (sex, marriage, religion, change, addiction, etc.). Cast Needed: Males and Females, ages 21-50, all races. Roles are Unpaid. Please send inquiries and headshot/resume/reel to

CASTING CALL: The Southern Divas of Houston TV reality talk show presents RIP the runway/hip hop dance battle competition to be held Oct 12 2018 at the Hilton Westchase. Seeking professional models 5’9” or taller ages 18 and up also professional hip hop dancers ages 18 and up for an audition. Roles are Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume to

CASTING CALL: Twisted Monkey Pictures is seeking cast for independent feature film WALKER scheduled to be shot in early 2019 in Katy TX & El Campo TX. Synopsis: Mr. Callahan is a powerful mob boss and his oldest son was just murdered. He calls on the most evil hitman out there, Walker. Once Walker starts his work nothing will get in his way to finish the job. Cast Needed: Caucasian male, early 20’s; Caucasian female, early 20’s (one of the lead roles); A man 30’s-40’s, any ethnicity, for the main role of Walker. Roles are Unpaid (Deferred). Please send headshot/resume/reel to

WORKSHOP: Echo Film School 2-week Filmmaking Boot Camp (16+) is July 23rd - August 3rd. Learn essential filmmaking techniques in this 2-week intensive summer camp. Write, Pitch, Produce, Shoot and Edit a Short Film in 10 days. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the process as you work with a small crew to make your own mini-masterpiece. Contact Barry Atkins at Echo Film School and Studio for more information. Call 832-732-1154,, or visit

WORKSHOP: Actor Lew Temple (THE WALKING DEAD, UNSTOPPABLE) will be teaching a 3-Day Intensive Workshop in Houston July 25th-27th, 7:00P-10:00P at John Lansch - Studio For Actors (350 N. Sam Houston Pkwy East, 77060). Ages 17 and up, Spaces are Limited. For more information at to register e-mail

WORKSHOP: Acting Joe Grisaffi will be taking over Sara Gaston’s Tuesday night class (6:30pm-9pm) while she’s in LA studying with the Groundlings. Week 1 (July 3): How to Nail Commercial Improv. Week 2 (July 10): How to Nail a Commercial Script. Week 3 and 4 (July 17 & 24): Scene Study with original scripts from his films (both finished and upcoming). Joe is an award-winning filmmaker and casting director who will be offering a lot of info on what works in the casting room, and what directors are looking for, before and after you are cast. This on-going class is geared toward actors (Adults and mature teens ages 15-17) who have already been practicing their craft and want to continue to hone their skills and find deeper ways to explore. The workshop is at Kristine Canterbury Studios/APlus Actors 5322 W Bellfort Ave #201, Houston, TX 77035. For questions and to register for a spot in this class, please e-mail or visit

WORKSHOP: John Wesley Downey will have two Introduction to Voice Over Workshops in July.  The workshop on July 14th is for tweens (kids age 10-15) and the workshop on July 21st is for adults, (age 16 and up.) Both workshops will teach basic technique, include lots of practice and constructive critiques. Both workshops will be on Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm at 4801 Woodway and be limited to 5 students. For more information contact John at or visit

WORKSHOP: Screenwriter Tom Vaughan is offering his 1-Day Story Structure Workshop which focuses on building a structure from the ground up by making several key decisions early on that ease the burden on the author and puts it where it belongs: the story. This process focuses more on scenes and sequences rather than plot points to maximize the dramatic impact as well as the commercial viability of the project. The Workshop will be held at University of Houston, 10A-3:30P on Saturday September 22nd. For complete information and to register visit

WORKSHOP: Crystal Martinez offers classes and private lessons that consist primarily of scene work for film and TV, where you'll learn how to break down scripts and do character analysis and are geared toward preparing you to get representation, by prepping for you for agent visits, auditions, and for getting you ready to be more confident, camera aware and set ready.To reserve a spot please visit us at

Workshop: Houston based actor and acting coach Alyssia Dodson is offering training for film, tv, commercials, and theater. She holds an on-going scene study class on Monday nights from 6:45pm-9:00pm, workshops, private lessons, and audition tapings. She coaches using the techniques primarily of Stanislavsky and Uta Hagen along with techniques learned along the way from a variety of resources and tailors coaching to an actor’s specific needs. For more information and to register e-mail or visit

WORKSHOP: Next Actor Studio is holding on-camera acting classes for adults, teens & kids at West U and Rice Village area, along with Stanislavski Method Sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, as well as screenwriting and filmmaking workshops. Enrollment is ongoing. For more information please visit or e-mail or call 713-532-2867

WORKSHOP: "Actors Helping Actors" is a talented team approach by Marilyn Swick, SAG-AFTRA actor, bringing acting, editing, and cinematography workshops for all ages and levels.  My classes are offered in the Memorial area. Please visit my IMDB page to learn more about my work at or e-mail to hold a spot for the next  acting, editing, or cinematography workshop, private, or audition self-tape. For more information visit

WORKSHOP: Houston MediaSource, Houston’s Public Access Television Channel, provides training and equipment for aspiring Film, TV, and radio producers. Houston’s creatives are welcomed to learn how their artistic visions can be transformed into high-quality film or TV productions at FREE Orientation Sessions held every Monday at 6 p.m. Houston MediaSource is located at 410 Roberts, 77003 in EaDo. Attendees will learn how they can produce their own TV shows, radio programs, and film projects at Houston MediaSource, using top of the line gear, studios, and editing facilities. Learn more at or RSVP to Roger E Palomino at or call (713) 524-7700 x112

JOB: Houston MediaSource, a 501(c) 3 organization that operates Houston’s public access cable, is seeking a Video Equipment Specialist. Responsible for checking video production equipment in and out at the HMS equipment, Monitor activity in television studios and editing suites, and processing transactions, and producing content for the channel and camera operation during crewed staff assisted production. Qualifications include familiarity/experience with video production equipment and video editing software, detail-oriented, high level of responsibility, and experience in customer service/retail a plus. Some evening and weekend work will be required. Please send resume to: Tom Richards, Executive Director, Houston MediaSource at Houston MediaSource is an equal opportunity employer.