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Updated February 15, 2019

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Crew Calls

Casting Calls


CREW CALL:  U.S. & Texas LawShield is seeking a freelance-to-staff Assistant Editor to work in the video production department assisting the post team in various short-form projects, as needed. Applicant MUST be experienced in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Needs to be self-starter, go-getter, VERY organized and coordinated AND tech savvy. Responsibilities include: intake/ingest of new raw media, logging and loading onto the network, organizing files & media in bins/folders/projects, set-up project files as needed, work alongside editors as assist with whatever they might need, research/find/post stock footage, audio and effects, outputting project files, uploading to dropbox/youtube/vimeo, file naming protocol, any post paperwork as needed and the like. Currently this is an in-office freelance/contract position; but could lead to full-time in the future. Our office is located in the Clear Lake, NASA area of Houston. Consider this commute when applying. Pay depends on experience. Please send cover letters, resumes and rate to:

CREW CALL:  U.S. & Texas LawShield is seeking a freelance-to-staff Still Photographer / Videographer to work in the video production department shooting on various short-form projects, as needed. Applicant MUST be experienced in BOTH shooting stills and recording audio/video. Should be familiar with various digital camera models, and a quick learn for new ones. We use a variety; everything from DSLR’s and Sony & Panasonic Pro-sumer cams, to Black Magic and RED. Needs to have the ability and knowledge to light, frame and record (audio/video/still) by themselves with little or no support.Must be creative, proficient and a team player. Work until the job is done, do whatever it takes to get the creative needed.  Editor experience is a PLUS+++ [Premiere Pro to the top of the list]. Editing abilities are not required.  Currently this is an in-office freelance/contract position; but could lead to full-time in the future. Our office is located in the Clear Lake, NASA area of Houston. Consider this commute when applying. Pay depends on experience. Please reply back with RESUME, VIDEO REEL, STILL PORTFOLIO, RATE and EDITING EXPERIENCE (if any). ALSO, if you have any equipment yourself, please send list to:

CREW CALL: Producer/Director Gary Chason is seeking Crew for CHRISTABEL, a feature length (72 minute) Music-Poetry Video (Experimental Cinema) scheduled to shoot in Houston in April 2019. Synopsis: The Coleridge poem CHRISTABEL as a Dance Musical. CREW NEEDED: COSTUME DESIGNER – unique costume style in the Asian theatrical tradition. Need a designer who can also build costumes. MAKE-UP ARTIST – again, Asian-style white face make-up. Think Kabuki. Great design opportunity. PROPERTY MASTER – props will have a major role to play beyond simply things the actors hold in their hands. In many instances, props will take the place of sets. Most will have to be built. PUPPETEER – need three puppets custom designed and built: a Mastiff Bitch; a Bunraku-style puppet that will be the ghost of the dead mother; a White Dove and Green Snake combination (the snake squeezes the bird). CHOREOGRAPHER – this a Dance-Centric production; need someone who can create dance that moves the story forward; prefer someone with Hip Hop chops. Crew Positions are Paid. For more information contact Gary Chason at or 512-468-8293

CREW CALL: Independent short film SALTING THE FLY is seeking CREW scheduled to be shot in The Woodlands TX for 3 days in Summer 2019. Synopsis: David Phillips and his beloved, autistic brother Danny face the unthinkable after David takes his role of protector too far. CREW NEEDED: DP, AD/PM, Production Sound, Gaffer, Hair/MU. Crew positions are Paid. Please send resume/reels and inquiries to Craig Mooneyham and Jacob Reynolds at

CREW CALL: Carova Media, LLC is seeking Crew for independent feature film YOU'RE NEXT scheduled to shoot in Houston in May 2019. Synopsis: Hitchhiking young girl is picked up by an unsuspecting  millennial  couple, kidnapped and soon learns that her fate it be victim to the underground world of sex trafficking. She fights to survive and escape. Crew Needed: Location Manager (we are now in pre pre-production). Crew Position is Paid. Please email resume/inquiries to

CREW CALL: A University of Houston student film is seeking Crew for a competition food commercial shoot on Saturday February 16th in the UH Studios. Crew Needed: A Food Stylist, with experience in hot dogs. Crew position is Unpaid. Please send resume/reel/inquiries to Adipa Phavorachit at

CREW CALL: Online English Lifestyle Video company seeking Crew to shoot ongoing “Day in the Life” videos in and around Houston. Crew Needed: Visual Media Producer (Produce/Shoot/Edit), pay commensurate with experience. Ideal candidates will be experienced, creative, driven individuals who have exceptional communication and problem-solving skills. Please resume/demo reels to Nakia Sims at

CASTING CALL: Documentary style commercial campaign seeks genuine, real stories of millennial caregivers in Houston, living with a parent or older relative and providing some level of care. We want to hear your story! Anyone selected will be compensated; the production team will be shooting in Houston this spring. Contact our research team at

CASTING CALL: Web series BE MINE is seeking Extras for Saturday March 2nd in Houston. Synopsis: BE MINE is a six-part web series about Carl, a young man who is deeply, madly in love, who also suffers from an odd affliction: He compulsively rhymes whenever he speaks. He simply can't help himself. This leads to all kinds of problems, including the love of his life rejecting his marriage proposal. CAST NEEDED: A dozen extras, dressed in casual business attire, for our first day of shooting, Saturday, March 2nd. We're looking for men and women, 20s to mid 30s, who can give us 3-4 hours of their time, from 8:00 am to Noon. Roles are Unpaid. For complete information, please visit and click Extras at the top of the page:

CASTING CALL: Independent experimental short film INAUGURATION is seeking Cast for an early March shoot in Houston. Synopsis: Siqi, a young actress arriving in Houston to audition for a theatre play, during her stay in the city, she discovers the history of an underground Chinese revolutionary group. She starts a quest on finding more about this unknown mystery. Cast Needed: Siqi - Chinese or East Asian, preferably Mandarin speaking (but not a must), 20s. Role is Paid. Please send headshot/resume/reel and inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Sam Houston State University student short film CONNECTION is seeking Cast for a April 10th-14th shoot in Huntsville TX. Synopsis: The project is a short film about a newly divorcee, Tori Bennett and her new relationship with an uprising rapper named Malcom, who unlikely fall in love together as we follow them through the rollercoaster that is their relationship. Cast Needed: TORI - Lead Female, 35-45, Any Ethnicity. Role is Paid, Shoot is in Huntsville TX. Please email Headshot/Resume/Reel and inquiries to Please use the subject line “Connection – YOUR NAME” replacing YOUR NAME with your actual first and last name.

CASTING CALL: Sophic Films is seeking Cast for LIVIN’ IT TEXAS STYLE, a YouTube Channel pilot episode. Synopsis: A Hostess will showcase high-end real estate in Houston in a 6-10 minute conversational and entertaining video. Cast Needed: Telegenic hostess with excellent verbal communication skills, 21 to 40, Any Ethnicity. In person auditions will be held on Wednesday, February 27th, from 10:30AM - 8:00PM, by appointment only, at the HCC Alief Hayes Campus, 2811 Hayes Rd., Houston, TX 77082. Role is Unpaid. Please send a headshot/resume/reel and inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Eye Productions is seeking Cast for short student film JOB HUNT scheduled to shoot March 22nd-24th & March 29th-31st in Huntsville, TX. Synopsis: A man finishes a lengthy prison sentence and attempts to get a job, but struggles because his past crimes get in the way. Cast Needed: Joe Schultz - Male, 35+, a charming ex-convict who just wants to get a paying job and put his criminal past behind him. Alex - Female, 20-30, a young energetic waitress at a local bar. Supporting Roles: Mike - Male, 18-25, Bar Manager. Male - 50+. Nancy - Female, 50+, owner of a clothing store. Barbershop Owner - Male, 50+. Halfway House Worker - Male or Female, 30+. Roles are Unpaid, Shoot is in Huntsville, TX. Please send headshot/resume/reel and inquiries to

CASTING CALL: HCC student short film SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY is seeking Cast. Synopsis: After many mornings of Ashley woking up to the sound of her husband coming home late at night. It’s only so long before she confronts him. One day Ashley wakes up and prepares a meal for his last day of living. Cast Needed: ASHLEY - Female, Any Ethnicity, 21-35, very elegant housewife, upbeat and has a natural grace, the type to smile in your face but talk about you in their head at the same time, sick of her husband cheating, must be able to speak in a southern accent. RAY - Male, Any Ethnicity, 21-35, businessman, often works during the day and goes “out during the night”, very self-centered, only cares about himself, must be able to speak in a southern accent. Roles are Unpaid. Audition date is Friday February 15th, 9:00A-5:00P at Houston Community College Alief Campus, 3rd Floor (2811 Hayes Rd., Houston, TX 77082). Please email headshot/resume/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Acid Test Productions is seeking Cast for independent feature film ACID TEST scheduled to shoot in Houston & Sugar Land TX from June 1 – July 1, 2019. Synopsis: Acid Test follows Jenny as she turns 18 and grapples with what it means to be an adult in the early 90’s. Steeped in the aesthetic of the punk music she loves, we watch “Jenny” discover a new aggressively feminist perspective inspired by the Riot Grrrl – girls in punk – movement. Along the way, she experiments with LSD and begins to question all of the rules and truths she’s followed her whole life. She launches a rebellion against her family, against the patriarchy her father represents, and tumbles into a new sense of self. Cast Needed: Jack (40s) – Caucasian – Jack is Jenny’s father. Undiagnosed bi-polar, he veers from being fun and charming and sweet to domineering, controlling, and frightening. Drea (18) – Open to all races/ethnicities. Drea is Jenny’s best friend and the reason why Jenny got into punk. Owen (18) – Caucasian. Owen is on his way to being Jenny’s boyfriend. Fun-loving, take-nothing-seriously, Owen skateboards through life on bring rich, charming, and smart enough to pass without studying. Kelly (18) – African-American – Kelly is Jenny’s best friend at school. Smart, driven, she excels at everything and has no time for playing around. Mrs. Scattergood (30s) – Open to all races/ethnicities. Jenny’s mentor and English teacher, Mrs. Scattergood shepherds Jenny through the college-application process and ensuing crisis when the plan for Harvard derails. Mrs. Walker (40s) – Open to all races/ethnicities. Mrs. Walker is Drea’s mom, the opposite of Jenny’s stay-at-home, perfect homemaker wife. Isabel (40s-60s) – Latina/Hispanic. Isabel is Owen’s housekeeper, the only adult to love and care for him on a consistent daily basis. Michael (10) – Latino/Hispanic. Michael is Jenny’s little brother. Quiet, prone to sickness, and lost amid the big personalities of his sister and dad, Michael does his best to remain clueless and happy. Mr. Jewel (50s) – Open to all races/ethnicities. Jenny’s history teacher who implores his students to vote in the upcoming Presidential election and challenges them to question the difference between change and progress. Taxi Driver (40s-60s) – Male – Caucasian – A small but critical role, the Taxi Driver is gruff and intimidating and rescues Jenny from one bad situation only to place her in another. All Roles are Paid. In-Person Audition Dates are Saturday February 16th & Saturday 23rd in Houston. Please email taped auditions and headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Rice University short student film FRUIT is seeking Cast for a mid-February shoot in Houston. Synopsis: Ida, a young woman, discovers herself when she meets a crew of rambunctious queer punks who try to help her find her lost dog. Cast Needed: IDA - Any ethnicity, early 20’s unsure about herself and how she fits into the world; EDGES - Any ethnicity and gender, mid-20’s, the leader of the crew, a bit of a bad boy stereotype; THISTLE - Any ethnicity and gender, mid-20’s, a bit of a hippy free-spirit; STORMY - Any ethnicity and gender, mid-20’s, a low-key goth with poetic tastes. GLITTER - Any ethnicity and gender, mid-20’s, fun-loving and bubbly. Roles are Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Independent short film SALTING THE FLY is seeking CAST, scheduled to be shot in The Woodlands TX for 3 days in Summer 2019. Synopsis: David Phillips and his beloved, autistic brother Danny face the unthinkable after David takes his role of protector too far. CAST NEEDED: DAVID PHILLIPS JR. - Any ethnicity, early-mid 20s, a protector and guardian of his brother, who is on the autism spectrum, the embodiment of unconditional love and self-sacrifice; DANNY PHILLIPS - Any ethnicity, late teens/early 20s, on the autism spectrum, knows and can recall the scientific name of nearly every species of animal and insect, his brother David is his dearest friend and guardian; REVEREND ELISE VIAR - Any ethnicity, 40s-60s, a Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister who embodies the intellectual freedom and inclusive love espoused by the UU religion, she pulls no punches; CAPTAIN EARL JACKSON - Any ethnicity,30s-50s, a captain with the local county sheriff’s department, the only career he’s known, in rare cases protecting the public good requires bending or breaking the law. Casting call is for recorded submissions only at this time, callbacks/onsite auditions will be scheduled in the future. Roles are Paid. Please send headshot/resume/reel and inquiries to Craig Mooneyham and Jacob Reynolds at

CASTING CALL: Next Actor Studio and Lake Camp Productions is seeking CAST for Untitled Food Truck Movie scheduled to shoot in Houston in Summer 2019. Synopsis: A comedy about a single dad who runs a food truck amidst economic depression. CAST NEEDED: All ethnicity and all age actors/actresses to play various roles as background, principal, day players, and lead roles. Roles are Paid. Auditions will be in mid-February 2019. For complete information please visit

CASTING CALL: Hoodlore Productions is seeking Cast for independent short film BULLY PROOF scheduled to shoot Summer 2019 in Houston. Synopsis: It's a hard knock life for Carol and Michael, two young teens who experience first hand the most common form of violence in our world, Bullying. But, this time the bullies have met their match as these kids fight fire with fire to prevail once and for all in the name of love. Cast Needed: Teenage males, Teenage females, Adult males 30-40's, Adult females 30-40's. Roles are Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to Mr. Leslie Ducena at

WORKSHOP: John Wesley Downey will be conducting an Introduction to Voice Over Workshop on Saturday, February 16, 2019 from 2:00P - 6:00P at 4801 Woodway. This workshop for voice over newbies covers basic technique, gives the student lots of practice and constructive critiques in a supportive atmosphere. Workshop limited to six students. Students must be at least 16yo. Discount for early enrollment. Includes discussion of Radio & TV commercials, industrials, animation, video games and audiobooks. To register and for more information contact John Wesley Downey at

WORKSHOP: Join Austin Film Festival and Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) at Eureka Heights Brewery on Tuesday February 26th for a casual and informative roundtable workshop covering all things filmmaking. In the spirit of AFF’s popular roundtable sessions during AFF’s Writers Conference, this event will offer exclusive and intimate access to local filmmakers, producers, and industry insiders with knowledge and experience to share. Attendees are encouraged to ask specific questions about the creative and business aspects of filmmaking. Stop by as early as 6:30 to grab a drink and connect with other up-and-coming Houston filmmakers in a casual environment.  Whether you’re currently working on a project or are just curious about taking that first step as a filmmaker, take advantage of this invaluable experience to network and learn. Houston Roundtable: Indie Filmmaker Toolkit, Tuesday February 26th, 6:30P-9P, Eureka Heights Brewery. For complete information and to register please visit

WORKSHOP: Jeff "Dock" Dockweiler holds ongoing weekend classes in Houston. With years of experience and success in Hollywood audition rooms and on sets all around the world, his unique approach to the understanding of story structure has proven instrumental in the success of a star-studded client list. His next 2 upcoming weekends are Saturday March 2nd & Sunday March 3rd and Saturday April 6th & Sunday April 7th. There will be 2 separate classes each Saturday (5322 West Belfort #201, 77035) for 2 different age ranges: Class 1 is for ages 10yo-15yo (kids under the age of 10 will be considered on an individual basis) 10:00A-1:00P, and Class 2 for ages 16yo and up 1:30P-5:30P. Students attend both the Saturday and Sunday classes each weekend at 5322 W. Bellfort, Houston TX 77035 (suite 201). To claim a spot on the pre-registration list, email with your interest at

WORKSHOP: Actress Sara Gaston teaches this on-going class geared toward actors who have already been practicing their craft and want to continue to hone their skills and find deeper ways to explore.  Each week will have a different focus and will draw from several acting perspectives including Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Michael Shurleff and Harold Guskin.  We’ll be working both on film and off, and explore script analysis, scene study, character development, freeing yourself from constraint, finding the core of the scene and more. Classes are Tuesdays, 1:00P-3:30P or 6:30P-9:00P. For complete information and to register please visit

WORKSHOP: Crystal Martinez offers (OGAC) On-Going Acting Classes and private lessons that consist primarily of scene work for film and TV, where you'll learn how to break down scripts and do character analysis and are geared toward preparing you to get representation, by prepping for you for agent visits, auditions, and for getting you ready to be more confident, camera aware and set ready. Holiday discounts currently available. For complete information and to reserve a spot please visit us at

Workshop: Houston based actor and acting coach Alyssia Dodson is offering training for film, tv, commercials, and theater. She holds an on-going scene study class on Monday nights from 6:45pm-9:00pm, workshops, private lessons, and audition tapings. She coaches using the techniques primarily of Stanislavsky and Uta Hagen along with techniques learned along the way from a variety of resources and tailors coaching to an actor’s specific needs. For more information and to register e-mail or visit

WORKSHOP: Next Actor Studio is holding on-camera acting classes for adults, teens & kids at West U and Rice Village area, along with Stanislavski Method Sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, as well as screenwriting and filmmaking workshops. Enrollment is ongoing. For more information please visit or e-mail or call 713-532-2867

WORKSHOP: "Actors Helping Actors" is a talented team approach by Marilyn Swick, SAG-AFTRA actor, bringing acting, editing, and cinematography workshops for all ages and levels.  My classes are offered in the Memorial area. Please visit my IMDB page to learn more about my work at or e-mail to hold a spot for the next  acting, editing, or cinematography workshop, private, or audition self-tape. For more information visit

WORKSHOP: Houston MediaSource, Houston’s Public Access Television Channel, provides training and equipment for aspiring Film, TV, and radio producers. Houston’s creatives are welcomed to learn how their artistic visions can be transformed into high-quality film or TV productions at FREE Orientation Sessions held every Monday at 6 p.m. Houston MediaSource is located at 410 Roberts, 77003 in EaDo. Attendees will learn how they can produce their own TV shows, radio programs, and film projects at Houston MediaSource, using top of the line gear, studios, and editing facilities. Learn more at or RSVP to Roger E Palomino at or call (713) 524-7700 x112