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Updated October 18, 2019

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Crew Calls

Casting Calls


CREW CALL: LHC Productions is seeking Crew for short film SKY. Synopsis: A withdrawn teen (Ben) plays piano to escape the tangles of his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but when that passion is also ruined by obsession, he must open up to a friend (Sky) about his burdens. Crew Needed: Houston area VFX Artist. Advanced object removal and wardrobe replacement. Example: Backpack worn by actor in several shots must be replaced with another backpack as the actor walks and the camera tracks the actor. Perspective and/or lighting changes occur during most of the shots. Crew position is Paid. Please send inquiries and resume/reels to

CREW CALL:  On-Que Productions is seeking Crew for student short film DEAD GIRL scheduled to shoot in Houston December 13-15 & 20-22. Synopsis: Two idiots try to talk and scheme their way out of a horrendous situation. Crew Needed: Editor, Production Assistant, and Make-up Artist. Crew Positions are Paid. Please e-mail resume/reel/inquiries to

CREW CALL: Krystel Entertainment is seeking Crew for an in-depth, student-ran, documentary project UNSHELTERED. Synopsis: This documentary film aims to focus on the tragedy of homelessness and tell the story of those effected in the Houston area while interrogating society to find solutions to the homeless epidemic in our country. Everyday they struggle to maintain basic needs of life: food, water, clean garments, and comfortable bedding. This short documentary will give the fortunate “homed-people” a chance to listen and understand the lives of the homeless as we set to explore social opinion, battle common misconceptions, and ultimately dig for solutions to the homeless epidemic in this country. Crew Needed: Camera operators, photographers, cinematographers, lightening/equipment assistants. Experience is preferred. Filming will begin this Fall 2019 and take place: Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec. Crew Positions are Unpaid. Please send resume/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Reserve Entertainment, LLC is seeking Cast for short film MARSHAL DEAD scheduled to shoot around Houston area November 2nd & 3rd. Synopsis: In the midst of a massacre of Comanche by Texas settlers in 1858, a frontier lawman, with a history of near-death experiences and longtime ties to the tribe, races to the Indian Territories of Oklahoma to stop the attacks. Cast Needed: Comanche Men and Women (25-65), Texas Settlers (Male, 30-40), Newspaper Reporter (Male, 30-40). Horseback riding experience preferred. Roles are Paid. Please submit headshot/character photos/resume/reel/inquiries and a brief explanation of what interests you most in stories about the American frontier to

CASTING CALL: Juice House Productions is seeking Cast for short film IMELDA scheduled to shoot in Houston/Katy areas October 25-26. Synopsis: One woman's quest to reconcile the tragedy she faced as a child, the success she has found as an adult, and the family she left behind. Revisiting her past, she comes face to face with the man who was simultaneously her savior and her captor. Cast Needed: Imelda Gonzales - Female, 25-35, a Latina mother of two, overcame a tragic past to excel in all areas of life, however, true happiness remains elusive and she will not rest until she discovers what happened to the family she left behind; Young Imelda - Female, 8-12yo, a recent immigrant, was raised in a secret government research facility by well-meaning, but morally misguided Doctor William Brown and his staff; Doctor William Brown - Male, 35-55, a research scientist for secretive government organization Project B.A.K.U., kind and fatherly, can only see the consequences of his actions through the lens of the greater good. *This film takes place over the span of 20+ years. Actor must be able to play younger or older with assistance of HMU. Roles are Paid/Negotiable. Please e-mail headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Casting Director seeking baby boy or child of South American, Spanish, Argentinian, origin etc. Fair Haired Baby Boy (1-12 months) or Young Boy age 1-4yrs, for "Texas Health Care Plan" still photography shoot scheduled in Houston Saturday Oct. 26-28 & Nov. 2-3. Talent  shoots Only One day. The Role is Paid, must be eligible to work in US. Please put in subject line of email the following information. Name, male, age (example  Joe Smith, boy, 9 months). If you do not fit these specs do not submit. Please e-mail Casting Director Michelle McCarel at

CASTING CALL: Cast needed for short film DSM BLUES to be shot in Houston. Synopsis: Claiming to be Mary Magdalene, a woman seeks psychiatrist Dr. Banfield’s help to convince people to believe her. Cast Needed: Female 30s. Male 40s+. Auditions are Saturday, October 19th, 1:00P-4:00P (Smith Library, 3624 Scott St.). Roles are Paid (Nominal). Please e-mail headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to with DSM BLUES in the subject line

CASTING CALL: On-Que Productions is seeking Cast for student short film DEAD GIRL scheduled to shoot in Houston December 13-15 & 20-22, audition date is October 26th at the Art Institute of Houston. Synposis: Two idiots try to talk and scheme their way out of a horrendous situation. Cast Needed: REX - Male, 23-30, makes very bad decisions when he gets drunk or high; BILLY - Male, 23-30, a high functioning idiot, has best intentions in mind but the execution can be messy and troublesome, speaks his mind even when he should keep it to himself; RHONDA - Female, 25-30, a spoiled diva coke head, she thinks she is the greatest thing to walk this earth and has an attitude to go with it; EMILY - Female, 18-25, witty and sarcastic food delivery person, prefers uncomfortable silence to stupid conversations, just wants to do her job. Roles are Paid. Please e-mail headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Erik Paul Pictures is seeking participants for online docu-series "Tattoo Stories" scheduled to shoot in Houston late October. Cast Needed: 3-5 interesting Females & Males with Tattoos. Does each piece tell a story or do you have a story for the reason why you decided to have art permanently inked on your body. Your body will be a talking point like fine art on canvas - only your body is the canvas. Must provide pictures or description of tattoos. Images preferred. The more creative the ink, the better. Participants are Paid. Please send information to

CASTING CALL: Rice University student is seeking Cast for short film JUBILATION RADIO scheduled to shoot in Houston/Surfside Fall 2019. Synopsis: After rising sea levels have cut off access to the outside world, a young adult must help a stranger washed up on the shore to show that escape is possible. Cast Needed: MARIA – Female, 20s; JUSTICE – Male or female, 20s-30s. Casting Call scheduled for Saturday, October 12th. Roles are Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Erik Paul Pictures is seeking participants for online docu-series "Yogi" scheduled to shoot in Houston in November. Cast Needed: 1-2 interesting Female & Male Yogi Professionals. Must demonstrate an ongoing practice of the profession and submit qualifications, i.e. website, active studio, client testimonials, etc., and briefly submit an answer to the question: Why do you or others consider yourself to be a Yogi? Participants are Paid. Please send information to

CASTING CALL: TST Films is seeking Cast for “Think I’m Crazy", episode 2 of a Short Film/Horror Anthology Web Series scheduled to shoot in Houston/Angleton area in December. SYNOPSIS: A serial killer is on the loose, Johnny & Elicia may be in the middle of his devilish plans. Cast Needed: Lead Role - Johnny, 20s, Caucasian, clean cut, fit. Second Lead Role - Elicia, 20s, Long black/brunette hair, 5’0-5’6, Caucasian/Hispanic, no accent preferably. Roles are Paid. Please e-mail headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Irraschenal Pictures, LLC is seeking Cast for short film WHISTLE to shoot in Houston late November or early December 2019. Synopsis: Jenny, an 8th grade girl, is harassed by her peers in band class. The film explores the blurred lines between play & aggression. It shows how young perpetrators learn to carry out harassment and how the victims learn to be silent. Cast Needed: JENNY (Lead) - Female, 12-14yo, Latina/ Afrolatina, braces; MRS. TROUTMAN (Supporting) - Female, 40's, any ethnicity; KYLE (Supporting) - Male, 13-14yo, any ethnicity; JAMES (Supporting) - Male, 13-14 age range, any ethnicity; NICK - (Supporting) Male, 13-14yo, any ethnicity; DAMIEN (Supporting) - Male, 13-14yo, any ethnicity. Roles are Paid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries

CASTING CALL: 14 Pews Microcinema in The Heights is seeking a local Houston ACTOR (male or female, 18yo+, any ethnicity) to do the introductions for our film screenings in front of an audience 4 nights a week (20 minutes per screening, 6:45P-7:05P). Role is Paid. Please send resume/reel/headshots/inquiries to

AWARDS: The Texas Motion Picture Alliance (TXMPA) Impact Awards is a special evening honoring Texas productions, businesses and individuals that have a positive and unique impact on their communities through Television, Film, Commercial and Video Gaming production. Saturday October 19th, 5:30P at George R. Brown Convention Center Grand Lobby in Houston, TX. For Sponsorship, Tickets, and Volunteer information please visit

WORKSHOP: A 1-Day Introduction to Screenwriting workshop by Writer/Producer Valerie Edwards will be held on Saturday, October 19th, 2:30P - 5:00P in Spring TX. The specialized course focuses on turning a creative idea into the beginnings of a first draft, while learning structure and classical fundamentals for the big and small screen. If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, this course is perfect for you. For more information and to register please contact Valerie at or visit

WORKSHOP: Brilliant Women In Film (BWIF) presents Actors Delight Workshop on Saturday, October 19th, 10:00A-Noon in Houston. BWIF is creating self-sufficient ways to be ready and prepared to work on micro-budget sets in Houston. For complete information please visit

WORKSHOP: On-on-One Audition Coaching, Audition Technique & Taped Auditions with Tishuan Scott in Houston. Winner of the SXSW Best Actor Award (2013), Tishuan holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from the University of California Los Angeles. Audition appointment times Monday-Saturday, 8:00A-8:00P. To schedule your audition appointment please email

WORKSHOP: Jeff "Dock" Dockweiler holds ongoing weekend classes in Houston. With years of experience and success in Hollywood audition rooms and on sets all around the world, his unique approach to the understanding of story structure has proven instrumental in the success of a star-studded client list. Fall Class Dates: SAT11/9 & SUN11/10, SAT12/7 & SUN12/8. Class Times Saturday & Sunday: Class 1 10:00A-1:00P (15 and under), Class 2 1:30P-5:30P (16 and over). For more information and to register, please email

WORKSHOP: Crystal Martinez offers (OGAC) On-Going Summer Acting Classes and private lessons that consist primarily of scene work for film and TV, where you'll learn how to break down scripts and do character analysis and are geared toward preparing you to get representation, by prepping for you for agent visits, auditions, and for getting you ready to be more confident, camera aware and set ready. New Student discounts available. Classes are available on Tuesdays at Noon & 7:00PM, Thursdays at 7:00PM, and Saturdays at 3:30PM. For complete information and to reserve a spot please visit us at

WORKSHOP: Actress Sara Gaston teaches this on-going class geared toward actors who have already been practicing their craft and want to continue to hone their skills and find deeper ways to explore. Each week will have a different focus and will draw from several acting perspectives including Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Michael Shurleff and Harold Guskin. We’ll be working both on film and off, and explore script analysis, scene study, character development, freeing yourself from constraint, finding the core of the scene and more. Classes are Tuesdays, 6:30P-9:00P for Adults and mature teens (15-17). For complete information and to register please email or visit

Workshop: Houston based actor and acting coach Alyssia Dodson is offering training for film, tv, commercials, and theater. She holds an On-Going Scene Study Class on Wednesday nights from 6:15pm-9:00pm, workshops, private lessons, and audition tapings. She coaches using the techniques primarily of Stanislavsky and Uta Hagen along with techniques learned along the way from a variety of resources and tailors coaching to an actor’s specific needs. For complete information and to register for the On-Going Scene Study Class please visit visit

WORKSHOP: The Natural Act presents ongoing workshops, private acting sessions, and demo reels, with Price Hall, Joe DeMonico, and Terry Futschik. For more information and to register please e-mail or call 281-910-0214 or visit

WORKSHOP: Next Actor Studio is holding on-camera acting classes for adults, teens & kids at West U and Rice Village area, along with Stanislavski Method Sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, as well as screenwriting and filmmaking workshops. Enrollment is ongoing. For more information please visit or e-mail or call 713-532-2867

WORKSHOP: "Actors Helping Actors" is a talented team approach by Marilyn Swick, SAG-AFTRA actor, offering private lessons, reel scenes, and audition taping for all ages. Private lessons are available in person in Houston or by Skype/FaceTime. To schedule an appointment please e-mail and to follow AHA Alumni success stories please visit

WORKSHOP: Houston MediaSource, Houston’s Public Access Television Channel, provides training and equipment for aspiring Film, TV, and radio producers. Houston’s creatives are welcomed to learn how their artistic visions can be transformed into high-quality film or TV productions at FREE Orientation Sessions held every Monday at 6 p.m. Houston MediaSource is located at 410 Roberts, 77003 in EaDo. Attendees will learn how they can produce their own TV shows, radio programs, and film projects at Houston MediaSource, using top of the line gear, studios, and editing facilities. Learn more at or RSVP to Roger E Palomino at or call (713) 524-7700 x112