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Updated July 12, 2019

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Crew Calls

Casting Calls


CREW CALL: McCrorey Rd. LLC/Home Video Productions is seeking Crew for independent S.A.G short film MCCROREY RD. scheduled to shoot July 29th - August 2nd in Conroe, TX. Synopsis: A teenager's home life is challenged when memories of past sexual abuse come into focus. Crew Needed (greater Houston area local hire): 1st AC, 2nd AC, GAFFER +1, KEY GRIP +1, 2nd AD. Crew Positions are Paid. Please e-mail resume/reel/inquiries to

JOB: SAG-AFTRA (Dallas) is seeking a Manager of Contracts and Member Services. SAG-AFTRA is the iconic American labor union that represents approximately 160,000 media professionals. The Manager of Contracts and Member Services works closely with the Executive Director (Dallas-Fort Worth) to provide administrative, operational, and educational and outreach support to the Locals served through the Dallas-Fort worth Local office. This person will be expected to work productively with performers, agents, producers, various members of the industry, and Local and National staff. For interested candidates please visit

CASTING CALL: Cliff Davis Editorial is seeking Cast for two commercials scheduled to shoot mid-august in Houston (1/2 Day in morning). Synopsis: Two high-end commercials that depict how choosing to work with our client takes the stress out of hiring a construction company and gives you both peace of mind and, perhaps, a little extra free time. Both spots show a family at home enjoying the extra family time because the father chose our client to build his new office building. Both spots have interesting visual misdirects and an element of subtle humor. Cast Needed: Six actors needed to comprise two family units. One family of 4, consisting of Dad (38-50yrs) who is professional put not overly polished, Mom (32-45yrs), Son (5-9yrs) and Daughter (12-15yrs). The other family of 2 is just Dad (38-50yrs) and Daughter (7-10yrs). We also need a cute dog that is obedient enough to sit and stare at the Dad as he holds a ball. No lines for the actors, looking for a subtle performance (family interactions) directed by the director. Roles are Paid. Please send headshot/photos/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: McCrorey Rd. LLC/Home Video Productions is seeking Supporting Roles for independent S.A.G short film MCCROREY RD. scheduled to shoot July 29th - August 2nd in Conroe, TX. Synopsis: A teenager's home life is challenged when memories of past sexual abuse come into focus. Cast Needed (Supporting Roles): YOUNG GLORIA - Female, 7-9yo, Dark Hair and Eyes, Strong Performer. Serious Subject Matter; OLD MAN - Male, 50-60yo, Hispanic or White, Strong Performer. Serious Subject Matter; DRUNK - Male 21-35yo, Scruffy, Rough around the Edges Look. Roles are Paid. Please e-mail headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Seeking actors ages 1 month - 85+, ALL ethnicities, for CENSUS 2020 print shoot in Houston the week of July 19th. Print your full name clearly on a white piece of paper and hold it up at your waist and take one clear picture from top of head to waist and then and photo of a full body shot (no name in that one). Lighting needs to be good. Do not shoot with objects behind you. You can shoot the photo with a white wall (make sure there are no shadows behind you. If there are, take one step forward away from the wall and they will start to disappear). Paid. Please e-mail photos/inquiries to, Subject Line: Census 2020 Print Job Submission.

CASTING CALL: Reverie Pictures is seeking Extras for a scene in independent feature film VILIFIED scheduled to shoot Sunday August 4th in Katy, Texas. Synopsis: After moving to a suburban town in Pennsylvania, Hassan and Feroza find themselves confronting racism and bigotry. Vilified is a story of family, friendship, and resilience in the face of all odds. Cast Needed: Extras for pick-up shots, ACTORS/ACTRESSES to PLAY COLLEGE STUDENTS and PROFESSORS sitting in an auditorium and listening to a guest lecture about the Muslim American experience. The guest lecture part of the scene has already been shot, we need reaction shots of people in the audience looking attentive, jotting down notes, taking photos, clapping, cheering, etc. Open to EVERYONE 18yo and above – people of any race/ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. No acting experience necessary. Roles are Unpaid. For more information and to confirm participation, please e-mail

CASTING CALL: Nine30 Productions is seeking Cast for dramatic short film WIDE AWAKE scheduled to shoot late July/early August 2019 in Houston. Synopsis: Apprehensive about her husband’s recent actions, a distraught wife must search for the truth and decide if what she is feeling is just paranoia, or if her gut feeling is leading her on a course to uncovering her husband's deceitful secrets. Cast Needed: CHRISTIAN - mid to late 30’s, male, any ethnicity, main character's husband, handsome and fit, suave, charismatic, player type, knows how to woo a woman. MAGGIE - 30’s, female, main character’s best friend, any ethnicity, stylish, sassy and blunt, wise beyond her years. THE MISTRESS - mid to late 20’s, female, any ethnicity, Christian's mistress, sexy, beautiful and knows it. Roles are Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Arcadia Media Collective is seeking Cast for comedic short film JACKMAN: ORIGIN scheduled to shoot summer 2019 in Houston. Synopsis: A comedic satire about the origin of Jackman, a superhero/vigilante that puts his life on the line to protect the city of Houston. Jackman wears a mask not to conceal his identity, but to hide his true self from the world and gets particularly worked-up about whether to call the spoon-fork hybrid "Spork" or "Fpoon". Cast Needed: PROFESSOR BOA - 18-20s man, evil and calculated. TORCHER - 18-20s man, skinny and sporty. OLIVIA - 18-25 woman, dream girl, attractive, honest, emotional. ROBBER - 18-20s man, stereotypical alleyway robber, intimidating. ALLEY GIRL - 18-20s woman, stereotypical party-gal. Roles are Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Yong Kang Yi Pin, LLC is seeking Cast for suspense independent feature film THE MOMENT scheduled to shoot in Houston summer 2019. Cast Needed: MARK - Male, Asian, around 23yo. HUAN - Male, Asian, around 23yo. OLIVE - Female, Caucasian, around 23yo. HOWARD - Male, Caucasian, Around 40yo. LUCY - Female Housekeeper, 40-50yo. YE JIANG - Male, Caucasian, around 23yo. A WEIRD OLD WOMAN - Around 50yo. Roles are Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Erik Paul Pictures is seeking participants for online docu-series "Stories That Stick: Moms with Tats". Cast Needed: Moms of all ages with tattoo stories and/or Moms who can tell us what your body art says about you. Art credits will go to the tattoo artist(s), please be ready to provide tattoo artist info and location. The more creative the body art the better. The Houston area shoot tentatively scheduled for July 18-19. Participants will be compensated. Please send information to

CASTING CALL: Nostalgia Productions is seeking Cast for independent short film "A Loving Retrospect" scheduled to shoot July 26th-28th in Houston. Synopsis: A man with a colorless perception of the world has vivid dreams of the girl who left him. Cast Needed: Male, Caucasian, late 20s-early/mid 30`s. Role is Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: 10101 Films proof-of-concept short film SPINDLETOP is seeking Cast for a shoot being planned for fall 2019 in Beaumont, TX. Synopsis: A story about “The Prophet of Spindletop”, Pattillo Higgins, and his antics as a young teenager. He runs away from school, meanders through the town of 1877 Beaumont and gets into trouble while meeting interesting people, leading up to Spindletop, the event where oil was struck in Beaumont on January 10th 1901 which would change the economy of Texas and the Gulf Coast forever. Cast Needed: Young Pattillo Higgins - Male Caucasian Age 12-16, lead character in film, a young misfit, aHuckleberry Fin type, East Texas accent is preferred. Teacher - Female Caucasian Age 30-50. Strict disciplinarian who keeps the children in line with the occasional whipping. East Texas accent is preferred. Union Officer - Male Caucasian Age 30-40, low ranking officer sent to Beaumont from the East Coast as a demotion, he hates Beaumont and does not take kindly to people talking back to him, especially little kids like Pattillo. Drunkard - Male Caucasian Age 30-60, wounded Confederate veteran who begs for money outside of town, always manages to get a bottle of booze, has no respect for Union Officers, does not back down from a fight and enjoys the food and accommodations at the local jail. East Texas accent is preferred. Indian - Male Native American or Latino, Age 20-40, after being pushed from his land by the white man, he lives a nomadic life going from town to town stealing what he can at night. During the day he hangs out by the river fishing and smoking his pipe. He wears white man’s clothing and rarely speaks. Roles are Paid. Please include the role interested in, contact info/headshot/resume/reel and the sides will be sent in reply:

CASTING CALL: Onyxfire Productions is seeking Cast for web series TRANSFOLK THE SERIES scheduled to shoot in Houston/Galveston/Beaumont in September 2019. Synopsis: "Transfolk" is an upcoming drama web series that follows a diverse group of transgender friends and family as they face the complexities of life with the added struggles that come with being who they are. Cast Needed: Cierra Sifuentes - 19, Hispanic, trans woman, early transition; Bailey Smithson - 17, Mixed Race, trans woman; Caleb Summers - 25-35, Caucasian, male; Trevor McNeal - 18-22, Caucasian, male; Rosalie Sifuentes - 40-50, Hispanic, female; Ernesto Sifuentes - 40-50, Hispanic, male; Byron Fuller - 25-35, African American, male; Dorian Reynolds - 35-45, Caucasian, male; Detective #1 - 30's-50's, Any Race, Any Gender; Detective #2 - 30's-50's, Any Race, Any Gender. Roles are Unpaid. Please submit headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Independent sci-fi feature film MUTATED CELLS is seeking Cast for shoot scheduled for early 2020 in the Katy/Houston area. Synopsis: A group of outcasts are sent to a remote location where they become the first of mankind to develop telepathy. There, they will use their ability to make contact with a mysterious person who intends to evolve humanity. Cast Needed: ANA - Lead, Female, 25-35, after attempting escape from a controlled future city, she is sent to a remote apartment complex where she mutates and develops telepathy, she will search for the source of the mutation and find her true destiny. KAT - Supporting, Female, 25-35, after breaking code of conduct at a controlled future city, she is sent to a remote apartment complex where she mutates and develops telepathy, she attempts to be the first to make contact with the source of the mutation. DEV - Supporting, Male, 30-40, after refusing to conform at a controlled future city, he is sent to a remote apartment complex where he mutates and develops telepathy. There he will help Ana, another outcast sent from the city, find the source of the mutation. MIA - Supporting, Female, 25-35, the source of a mutation happening at a remote apartment complex. Capable of channeling incredible energy that allows herself and those around her to develop telepathy. JIN - Supporting, Female, 20-30, Asian, sent from a controlled future city to a remote apartment complex where she mutates and develops telepathy, she will act as a lead that will guide the other outcasts to the source of the mutation. SUPREME ELITE MASTER - Supporting, Male, 40-60, the head of an oppressively controlled future city. VOICE OF THE CITY CENTER - Day Player, Female, 21+, a voice heard on the intercom at an oppressive future city, must be fluent in Japanese and English. CITY CENTER ADMINISTRATOR - Day Player, Male,40-60, in charge of condemnation of prisoners at a controlled future city. Roles are Paid. Please send headshots/resume/reel/inquiries to

WORKSHOP: An Introduction to Voice Over Workshop by John Wesley Downey will be held on Saturday, July 13th from 2:00P to 7:00P at 1963 W. T.C. Jester. The workshop covers basic technique, lots of practice and constructive critiques. The workshop is 20% lecture, 80% voice work, and limited to 8 students. To enroll contact John at​

WORKSHOP: Houston based Dominion Films announces the signature series of Getting Into the Movies Workshops by industry veteran Abiiba Howell. Abiiba has conducted industry workshops since 1991 with regular updates to include new technologies and protocols. The Production Assistant Workshop is Saturday July 13th 10:30A – 5:00P. The Production Assistant is at the foundation of any production. Gain the knowledge to become a very strong crew member. For complete information and to register please visit

WORKSHOP: Registration is now open for the Fresh Arts Summit, July 19-20 at Silver Street Studios in the heart of Arts District Houston. The Fresh Arts Summit is a 2-day conference offering 20+ skill-building workshops, expert lectures, artist panels + round table discussions, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. The Summit is ideal for emerging to established artists, makers, and creatives of all disciplines who seek to advance their entrepreneurial skills, expand the peer network, and tap into local resources. Topics will include arts marketing and self-promotion, fundraising and finances, legal resources, and technological skills related to arts entrepreneurship and led by over two dozen organizational partners and field experts including practicing artists and other creative leaders working in the arts community. For complete information and to register, please visit

WORKSHOP: Screenwriter Tom Vaughan is offering his 1-Day Story Structure workshop which focuses on building a structure from the ground up by making several key decisions early on that ease the burden on the author and puts it where it belongs: the story. This process focuses more on scenes and sequences rather than plot points to maximize the dramatic impact as well as the commercial viability of the project. The Workshop will be held on Saturday August 24th, 10:00A-3:30P at University of Houston. For complete information and to register visit

WORKSHOP: Crystal Martinez offers (OGAC) On-Going Summer Acting Classes and private lessons that consist primarily of scene work for film and TV, where you'll learn how to break down scripts and do character analysis and are geared toward preparing you to get representation, by prepping for you for agent visits, auditions, and for getting you ready to be more confident, camera aware and set ready. Summer & New Student discounts available. Classes are available on Tuesdays at Noon & 7:00PM, Thursdays at 7:00PM, and Saturdays at 3:30PM. For complete information and to reserve a spot please visit us at

WORKSHOP: Actress Sara Gaston teaches this on-going class geared toward actors who have already been practicing their craft and want to continue to hone their skills and find deeper ways to explore. Each week will have a different focus and will draw from several acting perspectives including Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Michael Shurleff and Harold Guskin. We’ll be working both on film and off, and explore script analysis, scene study, character development, freeing yourself from constraint, finding the core of the scene and more. Classes are Tuesdays, 6:30P-9:00P for Adults and mature teens (15-17). For complete information and to register please email or visit

Workshop: Houston based actor and acting coach Alyssia Dodson is offering training for film, tv, commercials, and theater. She holds an On-Going Scene Study Class on Wednesday nights from 6:15pm-9:00pm, workshops, private lessons, and audition tapings. She coaches using the techniques primarily of Stanislavsky and Uta Hagen along with techniques learned along the way from a variety of resources and tailors coaching to an actor’s specific needs. For complete information and to register for the Movie-Making Summer Camp (MON6/10 - THUR6/13 or TUE7/16 - FRI7/19), Improvisation and Commercial One Day Workshop (SAT5/11), or the On-Going Scene Study Class please visit visit

WORKSHOP: The Natural Act presents ongoing workshops, private acting sessions, and demo reels, with Price Hall, Joe DeMonico, and Terry Futschik. For more information and to register please e-mail or call 281-910-0214 or visit

WORKSHOP: Next Actor Studio is holding on-camera acting classes for adults, teens & kids at West U and Rice Village area, along with Stanislavski Method Sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, as well as screenwriting and filmmaking workshops. Enrollment is ongoing. For more information please visit or e-mail or call 713-532-2867

WORKSHOP: "Actors Helping Actors" is a talented team approach by Marilyn Swick, SAG-AFTRA actor, bringing acting, editing, and cinematography workshops for all ages and levels.  My classes are offered in the Memorial area. Please visit my IMDB page to learn more about my work at or e-mail to hold a spot for the next  acting, editing, or cinematography workshop, private, or audition self-tape. For more information visit

WORKSHOP: Houston MediaSource, Houston’s Public Access Television Channel, provides training and equipment for aspiring Film, TV, and radio producers. Houston’s creatives are welcomed to learn how their artistic visions can be transformed into high-quality film or TV productions at FREE Orientation Sessions held every Monday at 6 p.m. Houston MediaSource is located at 410 Roberts, 77003 in EaDo. Attendees will learn how they can produce their own TV shows, radio programs, and film projects at Houston MediaSource, using top of the line gear, studios, and editing facilities. Learn more at or RSVP to Roger E Palomino at or call (713) 524-7700 x112