How To Post a
Cast or Crew Call


Click red link at bottom to e-mail the following Crew Call/Casting Call/Workshop information (or cut and paste the following bullet points and send an e-mail) for productions and in-person workshops in the greater Houston area:

  • Title of Project or Working Title of Project
  • Type of Project (Feature Film, TV Pilot/Episode, Short Film, Student Film, Etc.)
  • Synopsis/One Paragraph Project Description
  • Tentative/Actual Shoot Dates or Days/Time of Casting Call/Workshop (*TBD/TBA not accepted)
  • Physical Location of Shoot/Casting Call/Workshop
  • Type of Crew Needed (ex. Cinematographer, Wardrobe), Type of Cast Needed (ex. Male 30s)
  • If Crew Positions/Talent Roles are Paid or Unpaid
  • (*All Contact Information REQUIRED) Contact Name/Production Company Name/Contact Work or Mobile Phone Number/Contact E-mail/Company Website and/or Social Media Links

NOTE: The Cast & Crew Calls page is updated once a week with projects intended for production in the greater Houston area. A listing must be received by Noon on Friday. Casting Calls and Crew Calls will not be posted more than 2 months before the casting call date or start date of production. No Cost. The Houston Film Commission reserves the right to refuse to post any Crew Call/Casting Call/Workshop or to remove a Crew Call/Casting Call/Workshop listing at any time.

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