Weather Data

Houston's temperate climate sustains tropical vegetation and allows the city's residents and visitors an enviable outdoor lifestyle with only 18 days per year with temperatures of 32ºF or less and 99 days with high temperatures of 90ºF or more. Houston's growing season averages 300 days and the normal frost-free period extends from Feb. 14 to Dec. 11. Houston has had only 14 measurable snowfalls since 1939.

A statistically average year contains 90.3 "clear" days, concentrated in October and November; 114.5 "partly cloudy" days, typical of June through September; and 160.3 "cloudy" days, common in December through May. Prevailing wind in Houston is south-southeasterly at a mean speed of 7.4 mph. 

Average Temperatures, MONTH HIGH/LOW:

January 62/41°F

February 67/44

March 73/51

April 79/57

May 86/66

June 91/72

July 94/74

August 94/73

September 89/68

October 82/59

November 72/50

December 65/43

*Source: Greater Houston Partnership