Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2001

Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2001


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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles




An Appointment to Remember (2:05, 16mm) Luke Pent (Ft. Worth)

Fighting in the jungles of war torn New Guinea, Lt. John Blandford finds that his strength comes from the letters of a woman he has never seen. Now the war is over and it is finally time for Blandford to meet the woman with whom he believes he has fallen in love. 

Astronomer, The (3:00, Animation) Lance Myers (Austin)

Cosmology becomes a metaphor for one mans life in this three-minute animated short. A narrator compares stellar constellations to memory clusters as we follow the man through his homemade observatory.

Bruised (4:03, 35mm) Scott Haro (Dallas)

Confronted with an uncompromising situation and a haunting past, one must choose to turn away, or exorcise the demons within. A provocation short exposing the vicious cycle of child and spousal abuse. 

Buy 1, Get 5 Free (34:30, Mini-DV) Jim & Danna Stedman  (Austin)

A short documentary about Firework Stands in Texas.

Coming Out (8:32, S16mm) Dana Price  (Arlington)

Seth, 22, returns home to his parent's small town shop to discuss a shocking lifestyle change..and lentil loaf.

Delusions in Modern Primitivism (17:00, 16mm) Daniel Loflin  (Dallas)

In this verite style "comedy-noir" you will meet Jerome; tortured soul. Bored with his extensive collection of tattoos and piercings we follow Jerome on his trek across Dallas for the next, newest form of body modification as he seeks meaning, identity and acceptance from this harsh world in the form of a new scar.

Everything Must Go (15:00, 16mm) Heather Courtney  (Austin)

Work sucks. So says Nan about her job at the local 24-hour store. Stuck working the all-night shift forever, Nan has just about had it, while her best friend and co-worker Myra just can't get enough of the slightly satanic ceramics that line the shelves. These two opposing views converge one night, as an array of costumers become pawns in Nan's spontaneous revolt.

Lone Stars - Bass (1:58, S16mm) Gary Watson  (Houston)

One of a series of short films produced by Roadster Productions, Inc. and exhibited at the Landmark Theatres in Houston and Austin. Bellaire High School art teacher Rebecca Bass assembles students with a need to belong into a class that builds an art car and competes in the Houston Art Car Pararde. 

Love Defined (5:00, Animation) Francesca Talenti (Austin)

Love Defined is an animation which interprets Webster's definition of Love. 

Pillowfight (4:10, 16mm) Scott  Rice  (Austin)

An affectionate comedy about the battles couples wage in bed. 

Poetry in Motion (6:00, Animation) Francesca Talenti  (Austin)

Poetry in Motion is a series of 3 animations which illustrate and interpret 3 poems by Texas poets. 

Talk to You Later (10:00, 35mm) Steven Hentges  (Houston)

A comedic satire in which the fate of one woman's relationship rests in the hands of two friends, one answering machine and plenty of female neuroses.