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Updated September 23, 2023


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Crew Calls

Casting Calls


JOB: Gordon Education Initiatives for the Performing Arts, a 501c3 nonprofit, is hiring experienced educators to teach filmmaking workshops for grades 3-12 in public schools in Houston for 2023-2024 academic year. Qualifications: At least 3 years experience teaching children under 18-years-old, experience in filmmaking (camera operation, editing, lights, audio), experience creating lesson plans. Apply by September 29th, 2023 by filling out this Google Form and upload your resume. For complete information, please visit

CREW CALL: Texas Sports Productions is seeking Crew for ongoing live broadcasts of Texas high school games. Synopsis: Texas Sports Productions is a full service high school and professional sports broadcasting company that specializes in live streaming and live event productions for partners like FIFA, KSAT, KPRC, and more. Crew Needed: Seeking Camera Operators and Live Production Directors in the greater Houston area to cover high school football games Thursday - Saturday evenings now through November. Crew Positions are Paid/We offer Paid Training. Please send resume/reel/inquiries to

CREW CALL: Affinity Weddings TV is seeking Crew for "Behind the Veil, Season Two" TV Series. Synopsis: A beautiful wedding doesn't happen overnight. There are lots of meetings and maybe even tears once it’s down to the wire. In season two of Behind the Veil, AffinityWeddings TV will highlight multiculturalweddings and styled shoots. This particular focus is something that incorporates ideas, beliefs, and couples people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Behind the Veil will showcase various looks on how a special day is celebrated from different cultures. Affinity Weddings TV will be working with vendors, venues, and wedding planners who have experience in working with multicultural clients. Crew Needed: Producer. Producer Crew position will have profit participation. Please submit resume/reel/inquiries to

CREW CALL: Carol Matlock Productions is seeking Crew for a Corporate Lifestyle Photo Shoot scheduled for October 10-11 in Houston. Synopsis: Two days at same indoors location in Houston TX. Portraits in the morning and lifestyle shoot within a business office in the afternoon. Production works on 10’s. Crew Needed: One Hair/Makeup Person. Crew Position is Paid. Please send resume/reel/inquiries to

CREW CALL: UndergroundSouthConnection Studios is seeking Cast for independent horror featire film "Them People" scheduled to shoot in Houston in September. Synopsis: A  dysfunctional family in need of money commits a robbery and is forced to hide out in another family's home that happens to be more sinister than what meets the eye. Crew Needed: Cinematographer, Editor, Camera Operator, Boom Operator, Costume Designer, Production Assistants. Crew Positions are Unpaid. Please email headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CREW CALL: Southern Touch Entertainment is seeking Crew to film a live stage play November 4th in Beaumont, TX. Synopsis: Filming the live performance of TESTIMONY stage play. The filming will take place in a theater with a live audience. It’s a musical stage play with live musical performances, lighting changes, but no set changes. We are looking to film with 3 broadcast cameras (Left, Right, and Wide), and we will supply a raw 28 channel audio feed that will need to be mixed in post. Crew Needed: Three shooters with three broadcast cameras. Crew Positions are Paid. Please send resume/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Once Legend is seeking Cast for short film "Ree's Destiny" scheduled to shoot October 19-22 in Hempstead TX. Synopsis: A coming of age drama that follows Ree Ree, a dedicated social worker and busy mom, who faces backlash from her daughter when she decides to perform at a local rap show. Cast Needed: REE REE (Lead) - Black, female-presenting, 43yo, a jovial, hardworking, and charismatic social worker and single mother to three kids. Impulsively decides to pursue her dreams of being a rapper despite backlash from her oldest daughter Destiny; DESTINY (Lead) - Black, female-presenting, 15yo, fierce, stubborn, and protective. After learning that her mother signed up for a local talent show to rap, Destiny does everything in her power to stop her mom from embarrassing herself and her family. (looking for 18yo+ that can play teenager); LIL JUNIOR (Supporting) - Black, male-presenting, 10-12yo, sensitive, nerdy, reserved, and thoughtful. Loyally dedicated and supportive of his mother and her goals of being a rapper; LAY LAY (Supporting) - Black, female-presenting, 8yo, rambunctious, precocious, and adorable. Lay Lay is fun loving and as the youngest daughter, she is very spoiled; ETHEL (Supporting) - Black, female-presenting, 70-80yo, regal, resilient yet feeble. An elder in the church and long time motherly figure to Ree Ree. Ethel gives advice to Ree Ree, encouraging her to follow her dreams; ROZY (Supporting) - Black, male-presenting, late 20s, wise ass, upbeat, diligent. A former gangbanger who was recently released from prison, attempts to change his life by focusing on becoming a hot pepper grower; MARIA (Supporting) - Mexican-American, female-presenting, late teens, bubbly and chatty. Maria is a roller skating waitress at a local burger joint. She loves to compliment and strike up small talk with her customers; BESSIE (Supporting) - Black, female-presenting, late 20s, regretful, wry, melancholy and beautiful. She seeks guidance from Ree Ree; LITTLE BROTHER (Supporting) - Black, male-presenting, early 60s, loud, obnoxious, larger than life. He is a deacon at the church and is very concerned about appearances and what the community thinks of his family; BIG SMOKE (Supporting) - Black, male-presenting, late 20s, laid back, very cool, hefty frame. Big Smoke is a local celebrity who hosts quarterly concerts for the community. He is one of Ree Ree’s early supporters and gets caught in the middle of Ree Ree and Destiny’s drama. Roles are Paid. For complete breakdown please visit or send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Eye Candy Inc. is seeking a Cast for a Live News Segment Test scheduled to shoot September 27th. Seeking a great news anchor, possibily for long term hire. Testing a new news format and looking for a fresh face. News anchor must be impeccable, journalism degree preferred, clean cut, and able to read prompter with emphasis and emotion. Anchor should be 26yo-36yo Female or Male with athletic build. Roles is Paid. Please send headhsot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Scriptsmith Filmworks, LLC is seeking Cast for short comedy film The Problem With Moon Men scheduled to shoot November 12, 2023 in Houston. Synopsis: A female astronaut's chance encounter with a Moon Man leads to all kinds of problems with her astronaut boyfriend. Cast needed: Jill, 20-30yo, and Ross, 20-30yo. Actors should be physically fit with close-cropped hair and no facial tattoos. Roles are Paid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Houston Community College Filmmaking program is hosting an Open Casting Call. Current Directing students and upper-level HCC filmmakers will be in attendance viewing the open audition. Students will be casting for various class assignments and short films. Any actors who want to know and audition for developing filmmakers should attend. Directing students will be casting for filmed projects and will all provide reel footage to any cast talent. Roles are Unpaid. The Open Casting Call is Thursday, October 5th, 9:00AM-1:00PM at HCC's Alief-Hayes Campus (2811 Hayes Rd). Please contact HCC professor to schedule a time slot. You will be sent brief sides to prepare.

CASTING CALL: UndergroundSouthConnection Studios is seeking Cast for independent horror featire film "Them People" scheduled to shoot in Houston in September. Synopsis: A  dysfunctional family in need of money commits a robbery and is forced to hide out in another family's home that happens to be more sinister than what meets the eye. Cast Needed: Black male 35-55,  Black female 30-55,  White  woman  45-65, Latino  male 25-55, White woman  18-25, Black woman 18-25, Asian  male  25-35, White male  45-65, Black male  18-35. Extras also needed. Roles are Unpaid. Please email headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Houston Community College student film THE NIGHT SHIFT is seeking 2 adult males as Cast for a shoot scheduled for October 27-29. Synopsis: A short horror film that follows George, a night janitor, as he tries to survive “The Nightshift.” Cast Needed: George - Old soul, loves listening to disco music and dancing while cleaning, focused and less happy-go-lucky. Frankie - Laid back but somewhat lazy, doesn’t take his job seriously at all, a jokester. Roles are Unpaid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

CASTING CALL: Houston screenwriter and comedian Pedro Dehli is seeking Cast for a comedy web series SPICE CITY scheduled to shoot in Houston in December. Synopsis: Four friends try to run a spice company but must deal with crazy customers, competition, and other general absurdity that come with the territory. Cast Needed: Scotty - 5’11-6’3, thin to medium build, 30-39 Male, Genuine, Charismatic and Loving wth Texas drawl, jean shorts, and cocaine addiction he is the older brother we all wish we had. Scotty is clearly intelligent, yet has a habit of being self destructive. He wants his spice company to succeed, and overworks himself to do so; PEDRO - 5’10-6’0, thin, 20-28 Male, Charming, Overconfident, and Goofy. Pedro’s love for his friends and craft(comedy) causes him to make brash decisions, but his ego is what makes him commit to those decisions. Roles are Paid. Please send headshot/resume/reel/inquiries to

WORKSHOP: Sara Gaston will have a Kid’s Film & TV Workshop on Saturday September 30th, 11A-2PM. This workshop will include playing with comedic and dramatic scripts from both film and television, as well as a bit of kid-friendly improv. Scripts will be sent out ahead of time so your child can prepare ahead of time if they choose. Videos of their work will be sent to parents after the conclusion of the workshop. Sara has coached kids to work on “Fear the Walking Dead”, “The Chosen”, “Spy Kids 5” and many others. For complete information and to register please visit or send an email to

WORKSHOP: A Basic Introduction to Voice Over for Beginners will be held on Saturday, September 30th from 3:00P - 7:00P. Basic techniques, students get lots of practice and constructive criticism. Covers commercials, industrial narration and audio books. Limited enrollment for a good student-teacher ratio. Discount for early enrollment. For more information and to register please visit or e-mail John Wesley Downey at

WORKSHOP: Houston Community College presents a 4 Week Continuing Education "Acting For Film" Workshop beginning Thursday October 5th 11AM-3PM and every Thursday thru October 26th at Alief-Hayes Campus. For additional information and to register e-mail or visit

WORKSHOP: Houston Community College presents a 4 Week Continuing Education course "Funding Your Indie Film" Workshop taught by Jenny Waldo. Course begins Saturday October 7th 11AM-3PM and is every Saturday thru October 28th at Alief-Hayes Campus. For additional information and to register visit

WORKSHOP: Jeff "Dock" Dockweiler from Los Angeles holds monthly weekend classes in Houston.  With years of experience and success in Hollywood audition rooms and on sets all around the world, his unique approach to the understanding of story structure has proven instrumental in the success of a star-studded client list.  His class is a 2 day back to back class. Upcoming dates are Saturday and Sunday October 14th and 15th, 10am-2pm. (18yo and order) Class is limited in size. To join class you must first have a conversation with Dock via zoom.  For more information and to register email

WORKSHOP: Acting Coach Crystal Martinez presents On-Going Acting Classes (OGAC) with Crystal Martinez in a new Montrose location in Houston. In Person Classes begin September 6th with five in person class options, in addition to private coaching, audition taping and more. For complete information and to register please visit

WORKSHOP: John Lansch has helped actors from all types of acting styles, practices and theories, to sharpen their auditioning skills and understand what it takes to book a job. Adult Classes: Tuesday evenings 6:00P - 9:00P, Thursday afternoons Noon - 3:00P. Teen Class (12-17yo): Saturday afternoons 1:30P - 3:30P. Kid Class: Saturday mornings 8:00A - 11:00A. For complete information and to register please visit


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