Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2004

Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2004


Pictured from left to right: Lance Myers (Subsidized Fate), Mike Woolf (The 72 oz. Steak, Something's Brewin' in Shiner), James Webb (Comfort), Marc Pilvinsky (Night Dawn Day), Austen Menges (Toward the Near), Courtney Davis (Milton is a Shitbag), Scott Rice (Perils in Nude Modeling), Chris Eska (Doki-Doki) .​

Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles


(21:00) • • by James Webb Austin, TX
A young man with a troubled history returns to his childhood home. Over the course of a cold Texas night, his reunited family struggles to come to terms with a past full of pain and future full of uncertainty.
(30:00) • • by Chris Eska Gonzales, TX
In suburban Tokyo commuters find themselves waiting every day for the same train with the same group of strangers but never talking...until one day, things change.
Milton is a Shitbag
(4:17) • • by Courtney Davis Austin, TX
Milton is a small orange kitty. He works for Pat Buchanan. He hates your guts. Why do you love him so?
Night Dawn Day (FULL)
(10:03) • • by Marc Pilvinsky, Bare Ruined Films Dallas, TX
A woman wishes the world would go away one day, and it does. But is it the end... or just the beginning?
Perils in Nude Modeling (FULL)
(10:02) • • by Scott Rice Austin, TX
On the verge of expulsion, a hapless art student must decide between life-long ambition and love when an audacious nude model makes a dangerous demand in the middle of class.
Something's Brewin' in Shiner (FULL)
(25:35) • • by Mike Woolf Austin, TX
The true story of how Shiner's newest beer was submitted for the approval of the entire town.
Subsidized Fate (FULL)
(4:55) • • by Lance Myers Austin, TX
A man is instructed to burglarize another man's house by mysteriously placed commercial messages. Are the messages all in his head, or has capitalism become an omnipotent force?
Toward the Near
(4:30) • • by Austen Menges Austin, TX
A roaming musician happens upon a pair of street performers while waiting for his bus to arrive. As the story unfolds from finish to start, the musician realizes that the eccentric-looking juggler is not what he seems to be.
The 72 oz. Steak
(00:47) • • by Mike Woolf Austin, TX
This is the story of one man and one really big piece of meat.