Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2008

2008 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase


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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles



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The Aviatrix (FULL)
(10:53) • • by Toddy Burton Austin, TX
A gleaming silhouette rockets through the cosmos. She is The Aviatrix. And she exists in the mind of Anne, a young woman battling cancer.
Death of an Ally
(15:00) • • by Marla and Julio Quintana Austin, TX
Sixteen year-old Fidel Castro loves America, he even hopes to reach Hollywood one day and become a star like his hero Clark Gable. One day Fidel goes on a double date and is instantly taken by Betty, a stunning beauty visiting from California. But when John F. Kennedy struts into the bar with a couple of other navy sailors, Fidel is forced to compete for Betty's attention, and he will never look at America the same way again.
Goobees (FULL)
(2:44) • • by Patrick O'Brien, P. Antonio Piedra, Michael Losure, and Seth Freeman Washington, TX
Goobees is a film that playfully juxtaposes the light-hearted imagery of anthropomorphisized candies against a morbidly humorous story of how goo-filled, chocolate-covered candies are made.
Jean = Truth
(11:30) • • by SunHee Cho Austin, TX
Memories of Jean have never left Mari for a long time. Each night, Mari revisits her memories and re-encounters a painful secret that prolongs to be healed. Through her psychological journey to her inner-world, Mari finds a way to forgive herself for one night.
The Last Turn
(30:00) • • by Robert Castaldo Arlington, TX
Tandee and Cash are small time grifters, living from hustle to hustle on the short con; but Tandee dreams of something more. Together they plan to take down an after hours gambling club but to make it work they need someone to bankroll the scheme and to play the front man. They recruit Jimmy, a mob connected street hood, and train him for the part. They have prepared for everything...everything that is except each other.
Midway (FULL)
(10:30) • • by Darius Monroe Houston, TX
Inside this barbershop, you're guaranteed a haircut. But your wait may be longer than expected.
Separate Vacations
(3:15) • • by Anne S. Lewis Austin, TX
A dog owner, boarding her dog before leaving on vacation, is thrown a curve by the kennel's required form.
When the Light's Red (FULL)
(10:45) • • by Keith Wilson Austin, TX
When The Light's Red is a poignant and humorous take on one motorist's experience with intersection panhandling. It is an examination of the way in which privilege, power, truth, and reality intersect inside our heads and outside our car window.