Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2011

2011 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase


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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles



(8:36) • • by Julie Gould and Daniel Laabs Dallas, TX
A daughter spends the anniversary of her father's death with her mother.
Fatakra (FULL)
(18:58) • • by Soham Mehta Katy, TX
Naveen left India to chase his dreams in America. Today, three years and a recession later, his wife and son join him. Sparks fly as a family reunites.
LCD Soundsystem - "Home" (FULL)
(7:51) • • by Rick Darge and Mark Armes Houston, TX
An old man invents a robot only to have it run away and party.
Noc na Tanecku (Night at the Dance) (FULL)
(13:00) • • by Annie Silverstein Austin, TX
In the late 1800’s, tens of thousands of Czech immigrants settled farmland in Central Texas. They brought with them the tradition of the community dance hall, building over 1,000 halls in little towns from Temple to Anhalt. Fewer than half remain open today. Noc na Tanečku (Night at the Dance) profiles Sefcik Hall, in Seaton, one of the last true Czech dance halls in Texas, and the elderly folk that still come there each Sunday to wax the floor and dance the polka, even as they struggle with old age, illness, and in some cases, death.
Pioneer (FULL)
(15:53) • • by David Lowery Dallas, TX
A father tells his little boy the most epic bedtime story ever.
The Man Who Never Cried (FULL)
(23:28) • • by Bradley Jackson Austin, TX
Ralph Winston has never cried; not when he was a baby, not when his heart was crushed by his high school sweetheart, not even when he first saw Steven Spielberg's E.T. So when his father dies, Ralph - age 32 - decides to embark upon a true emotional journey with hopes to shed his first tear before the funeral - and before it's not too late.
Sasquatch Birth Journal 2 (FULL)
(4:00) • • by David and Nathan Zellner Austin, TX
An unprecedented peek at the mysteries of nature.

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