Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2009



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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles


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Color By Number (FULL)
(4:04) • • by Marshall Rimmer Austin, TX
Adam likes Jeanine. Jeanine likes Thomas. And Thomas likes airplanes.
(25:00) • • by Van Blumreich Houston, TX
Scott and Danny's friendship is put to the test after a freakish car accident. Will they be able to see past their moral differences? Or will it destroy their bonds of friendship?
Skip and Lester: Here's the Stapler If You Need It (FULL)
(2:29) • • by Lance Meyers Austin, TX
It's Lester's first day on the job at Copy-O's Copy Shop and his boss has given him just one important directive-- don't let the customers use the big paper cutter in the back!
It's for Her (FULL)
(10:45) • • by Travis Johns Houston, TX
Every relationship has a fatal flaw. For Greg and Maureen, that flaw is direct, unfettered communication.
My Mom Smokes Weed (TRAILER)
(17:00) • • by Clay Liford Dallas, TX
An old woman and her son on a road trip to meet some drug dealers in order to replenish the mom's supply of a certain herb.
Quarter to Noon (FULL)
(14:07) • • by Kat Candler Austin, TX
A worker discovers a world outside her office she crawls though it.
Smokey (TRAILER)
(14:16) • • by Scott Thurman Denton, TX
Out of the wind with a suitcase full of surprises, Smokey Binion, Jr. walks through a parking lot, preparing himself for another free performance as an Elvis impersonator in the Texas panhandle. A day in the life with Smokey reveals an optimistic man involved with his community as an employee of the city and tribute artist, comfortable living and working in the small town of Stinnett, TX while finding unusual ways to connect with all kinds of people.