Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2016

2016 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase


Pictured from left to right: Jeffrey Thropp, Payton Noelle, Ford Gunter (Jenny & Tom), Augustine Frizzell (Minor Setback), Gabriel Duran (Peor Es Nada), Jason Neulander (Hit & Run), Donna Champagne, Travis, Champagne (Jackdaw), Bryan Poyser (More than Four Hours).

Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles

“Breakfast in Bed”
(5:40 min.) • • by Payton Thropp Conroe, TX
A young girl faces changes in her family with bravery and hope.
Hit & Run
(12:29 min.) • • by Jason Neulander Austin, Texas
In this Lovecraft-inspired short, Katie finds an amulet by the side of the road and suffers the consequences of picking it up.
(14:50 min.) • • by Travis Champagne The Woodlands, Texas
A father mourns on the one year anniversary of his wife’s disappearance.
Jenny & Tom
(14:18 min.) • • by Ford Gunter Houston, TX
Jenny and Tom have found the happiness that eludes others by living life on their own terms. But sometimes doubt comes from the warmest of places.
Minor Setback
(10:00 min.) • • by Augustine Frizzell Dallas, TX
Highschool dropouts and BFF’s, Jessie and Angela come up with a brilliant excuse to skip out on work so they can spend a day at the beach. Laying in the sand, smokin’ fatties and eating donuts is so close they can almost taste it...until something unexpected goes down.
More Than Four Hours
(10:40 min.) • • by Bryan Poyser Austin, TX
On his first day on the job, a high school algebra teacher mixes up his medications to disastrous results.
“Peor Es Nada” (“Nothings Worse”)
(13:29 min.) • • by Gabriel Duran Arlington, TX
Marco is a family man and who has nothing left in Mexico. He is motivated to get to the US to reunite with his wife and newborn child by any possible means. Marco makes a deal with a local coyote but he ends up in the US and not knowing how he got there. With a metal box attached to his arm, he must find his way to his family.
Sound and Time
(8:39 min.) • • by Angela & Mark Walley San Antonio, TX
Justin Boyd, Department Chair of Sculpture and Integrated Media at Southwest School of Art, shares his connection with sound and how he uses it to create original works of art. Inspired by his sensitivity to sound at a very young age, Boyd has been recording and working with sound and music since the mid 90s. Boyd actively captures field recordings for integration of sound with found objects. Learn more about the artist at

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