Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2006

2006 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase


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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles

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Bubblecraft (FULL)
(5:59) • • by Geoff Marslett Austin, TX
Bubblecraft is a story of everyday people. Workdays are okay. School is so-so. Life isn't bad, but it isn't that good either. What does it take to pull them out of their humdrum day-to-day worlds? In this case an extraterrestrial water sphere widens the horizons for a businessman, an office worker, and a fourth grade public school student. This short animated film utilizes a unique combination of hand drawn environments, monochromatic backgrounds, and a rotoscoping technique developed by the director Geoff Marslett for his upcoming feature film. The entire piece is set to an atmospheric new song by the band Pilotdrift (who are also featured in the visuals).
Full Metal Slacks (FULL)
(4:49) • • by Scott Calonico Austin, TX
On August 7, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, authorizing the massive use of U.S. military force in Vietnam. Over the next ten years, over 50,000 American soldiers and 1,000,000 Vietnamese civilians would be killed. Two days later, on August 9, 1964, President Johnson ordered a pair of pants from his tailor in Dallas, Texas. This is the recording of that call.
(17:00) • • by Jett Garrison Austin, TX
An obsessed fan kidnaps a radio DJ. Tina wants Star to make her one last tape, one tape to remind her of the way radio, society, and her life once were.
North of Ojinaga (FULL)
(24:23) • • by Rommel Eclarinal Austin, TX
Two young immigrants, a Chinese woman and a Mexican man in search of their dreams, are smuggled across the US border from Mexico and abandoned in the vast unforgiving Texas desert. Lost and struggling to survive, they discover hope in each other.
Redemptitude (FULL)
(11:33) • • by David and Nathan Zellner Austin, TX
A preacher ventures deep into the Australian Outback to save the soul of a man who's abandoned his faith.
Room 314
(20:00) • • by Kyle Bogart and Paul Michael Merryman Austin, TX
With a last minute cancellation, Elliot Renfield counts himself as quite fortunate that he's found accommodations in the hotel's last vacant room. That is, until a man comes calling, dead set on delivering to Elliot the same fate that was intended for the guest in room 314.
Rosyln (FULL)
(8:01) • • by Will Canon Arlington, TX
The heart-stopping tale of a young man caught at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Sole Mates
(7:45) • • by Brad Stokes Fort Worth, TX
Two misfits celebrate their destined love by exchanging very unusual, but perfect, gifts.
The Faith of Joey Rail (FULL)
(7:09) • • by Matt Robertson Austin, TX
On a whimsical Sunday afternoon, Noel Howard lures Joey Rail out of church and into the sprawling backwoods of East Texas to take a closer look at the big picture.
Vincent Valdez: The Art of Boxing (FULL)
(8:40) • • by Ray Santisteban San Antonio, TX
This short documentary profiles the work of Vincent Valdez, an acclaimed San Antonio Artist. The filmmaker explores an alternative interpretation of Valdez' visual work, which often features the sport of Boxing, by focusing on the way that Valdez places the subjects of his paintings within frames, "Boxing" them. The video also provides a look at Valdez' overall artistic development.
(7:00) • • by Will Canon Arlington, TX
When a 12 year-old drug dealer hands over a crack rock to a pushy addict without getting paid he must find a way to retrieve his money by any possible means.