Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2007

2007 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase


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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles


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Grammy's (TRAILER)
(17:00) • • by Bryan Poyser Austin, TX
Two brothers have a really bad time on a fishing trip until a stranger makes them a bizarre but lucrative offer.
Iris Moon (FULL)
(13:04) • • by Iskra Valtcheva Austin, TX
A dark secret lurks between Iris Moon and her guardian grandmother Maka, a spinner and a weaver. Its unraveling has the power to destroy or liberate.
Life is Marbelous! (FULL)
(21:16) • • by Mike Woolf Austin, TX
While video games and action figures are the focus of gaming today, there are still plenty of folks who haven't lost their love for marbles.
Maidenhead (TRAILER)
(17:00) • • by Jim Spanos Houston, TX
A.J. Bowen (Sundance 2007, The Signal) stars as a young man trying to have a personal life while tending to his demanding, bed-ridden father.
The Second Coming (CLIP)
(12:00) • • by Ya'Ke Smith Austin, TX
An estranged father returns home to make amends with his son and makes a decision that changes both of their lives forever.