Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2005

2005 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase


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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at Raleigh Studios - The Chaplin Theater, Hollywood


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After Twilight
(33:50) • • by Gary Watson Houston, TX
Bookish Jen Frazier seems an unlikely choice to be a freedom fighter, but when a theocratic new order occupies the state of Texas, Jen is pushed into action carrying contraband for the underground. A surprise raid by the religious police shows Jen just how dangerous it can be to fight a state with God on its side.
Ana's House
(13:48) • • by Olivia Saldivar Fort Worth, TX
Trapped in an abusive marriage, a young Mexican mother, Ana, chooses her freedom over her children.
Hope's War
(12:02) • • by Ya'Ke Smith Austin, TX
After returning home from Iraq, a U.S. soldier struggles to adapt back to every day life, but brutal visions of war threaten to destroy him.
Love Math
(10:00) • • by Kent Carpenter Zambrana Austin, TX
Based on actual events, by way of couplings, coincidence and interconnections, a young man retraces the variables between his dream girl, an ex-girlfriend, a former football star, an amateur pornographer, two sisters, a recluse with a speech impediment, and his mortal enemy, a guy you just want to punch in the face. But, if love factors into this equation, how does it all add up?
(10:07) • • by Scott Calonico Austin, TX
On November 19, 1953 a man plunged to his death from 10 floors above the streets of Manhattan. The man who jumped wasn't just a down on his luck stockbroker, he was an army officer by the name of Frank Olson. An army officer, it turns out, who had recently participated in trial tests given by the Central Intelligence Agency while experimenting with their new wonder drug - LSD!
Separated by Light (FULL)
(14:53) • • by Sai Selvarajan Dallas, TX
A young girl named America recruits a loveable goof named Richard Parker to help her shoot a documentary film. As the duo compile their interviews, the project begins to fall apart. An unsuspecting visitor helps them figure out what the documentary film really needs.
Wake (FULL)
(17:10) • • by Keun-Pyo Park Austin, TX
A 5-year old girl spends four days in a small apartment when her mother doesn't wake up.
Young Mutt
(5:30) • • by Justin Gilley and Nicholas Jayanty Austin, TX
A young girl struggles to answer the question of her identity.