Young Film Makers Showcase 1994




Pictured from left to right: ...(...),

Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles

The Films

This year six film/video projects from the state of Texas have been chosen for the two-hour screening. The filmmakers and their films follows:

Detour (29:15 min.) 

Detour puts a young hitchhiker on the road to a dark fate when he catches a ride from a bankrupted big spender from Las Vegas.

Brian O'Kelley - Austin

Ping Pong (4:50 min.) 

A day in the universe and a night in the shade. An exploration of the fundamental interconnectedness of our world.

Kevin Newcomb - Austin

Scenic Overlook (30:00 min.) 

Takes the viewer on a journey through one couple's exploration of their dreams and desires, both as a couple and as individuals. A dilapidated drive-in runs by an eccentric named Dutch provides the surreal backdrop for Kelly and David as they come to terms with the reality of their relationship.

Paul Klose - Austin

Bedlam (11:00 min.) 

A demented young man suffering from insomnia is stalked and devoured by his carnivorous bed. Or is he?

Kyle Henry - Houston

The Comforts of Home (20:00 min.) 

An adaptation of a Flannery O'Connor story. With the help of still photographs and Super8 film, the lives of Thomas and his docile mother are explored when Star, a promiscuous waif, enters their homes and lives. Her unwelcome presence forces Thomas to confront his past nightmares as well as his present ones.

Penelope Falk - Austin

Football Family (28:30 min.) 

From the Filmmaker: "This personal video documentary explores the impact that my father's 40 year career in the NFL has had on my family. My goal in this piece was to give voice to my felt experience of being an outsider in a world which has defined my own goals and aspirations since birth."

Rebecca Carpenter - Austin