Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 1997




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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles


The Films

Beyond Babylon (13:13 min.) 

Beyond Babylon is the hypnotic story of two brothers, one a priest and the other a thief, both haunted by a heroin addiction passed down from their father. These two seemingly different lives eventually collide in a montage of sublime memories. The true relationship between the brothers is fully realized in the last few stringent seconds of the film.

Jim Shelton - UT Austin

Jesus of Judson (20:00 min.) 

Twelve year-old Daryl is a military brat and Judson Street is just another suburban military community until Daryl meets Sammy, a 20 year-old kid at heart who leads a gang of army brat misfits. Daryl finds more than friendship with Sammy in this coming of age story that captures the nuances of gawky adolescence.

Jacob Vaughan - UT Austin

Lunch (9:00 min.) 

The chance meeting of a legendary childhood kid ends with an ironic twist.

Alexander Lyle - UT Arlington

Morning Light (6:30 min.) 

Morning Light depicts the inner life of a rural Texas woman confined to a hospital bed. Her memories take us on a journey through her childhood, her years of marriage, and her first pregnancy. Interwoven with memories of her relationships are her meditations on the morning light.

Paula Rogge - UT Austin

Now Here (20:00 min.) 

Traveling between a slow, empty 'reality' and a crowded 'inner-landscape' of thoughts, memories, and dreams, Now Here builds itself on the juxtaposition of different times and environments. With strong imagery, poetic 'phrasing', and an innovative soundtrack, this film explores 'coming of age' in a new way.

Peter Lucas - School of Visual Arts

R & R (9:00 min.) 

A soldier visits his best friend's wife on R & R and learns not all casualties of the Vietnam war are soldiers. Based on a true story.

Cressandra Thibodeaux - UT Austin

The End (9:30 min.) 

A writer who thinks he has creative control of his story is ultimately controlled by the character he creates.

Miguel Medina - UT Arlington

Three Minutes on a Bus (9:00 min.) 

A young girl is exposed to society's indifference as she rides the bus with her mother.

Cressandra Thibodeaux - UT Austin

Tour Guide (6:00 min.) 

A son's journey through the Father's journey.

Daniel DeLoach - UT Arlington

What's Got Into Me? (10:00 min.) 

Wanda is afraid of carrots and of and her sister, Olga. If wanda shared her secret maybe she'd feel more comfortable with her sister. But how can Wanda tell Olga what's got into her? It's not exactly a tasteful topic of conversation...

Cara Biasucci - UT Austin