Texas Filmmaker's Showcase 2010


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Texas Filmmaker's Showcase at DGA Theater, Los Angeles

"When my first short film was selected for the Texas Filmmakers Showcase years ago, the Houston Film Commission flew me to Los Angeles for an elegant screening at the Director's Guild of America Theater. The interesting people I met and the incredible experience opened my eyes to the possibility of making a career out of movies."

- Chris Eska, AUGUST EVENING - 2008 Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award.

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Der Vater (The Father) (FULL)
(15:16) • • by James T. Moore San Antonio, TX
Near the end of WWII, the vicious SS recruited every able man to fight on the front lines in an attempt to push back the allies and further eradicate the Jews. When Erich, a peaceful man and father of two, is recruited, tragic circumstance befalls him as he is ordered to kill two Jewish children. Now he must decide between murdering the children or aiding their escape, knowing that doing so will result in his own death.
Katrina's Son (FULL)
(15:00) • • by Ya'Ke Smith Forth Wroth, TX
After losing his grandmother during Hurricane Katrina, a young boy travels to San Antonio, TX to find his mother, who abandoned him years earlier.
Love Bug (FULL)
(6:00) • • by Kat Candler Austin, TX
Nerdy, nine-year old Turtle Thompson thinks his bug loving best friend Maddy is the most awesomest girl in the whole wide world. But can he get the guts up to ask her to the Spring Fling dance?
Mnemosyne Rising (FULL)
(20:11) • • by Miguel Alvarez Austin, TX
A deep-space transmitter pilot begins to experience unusual flashbacks when he learns he's being sent back to Earth.
The Natural Order of Things (FULL)
(31:50) • • by Van Blumreich Houston, TX
A story about fathers and sons, of luck and fate.
Never Do This (SERIES)
(2:15) • • by Scott Rice Austin, TX
A series of shorts depicting things that should never be done.